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  • Medieval Warfare VIII.1 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VIII.1 (PDF) with John Hawkwood in Italy This famous condottiere made a fortune as a military commander. How did an Englishman gain such fame in Renaissance Italy? Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VII.6 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VII.6 (PDF) with The legend of El Cid He was called The Campeador and El Cid, but what do we really know about the Castilian warrior Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar? Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VII.5 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VII.5 (PDF) with The murder of Charles the Good The County of Flanders erupts into civil war after Charles is killed. As Bruges falls into chaos, the fight to become the new count begins. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VII.4 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VII.4 (PDF) with The Battle of Hattin. Fought on July 4, 1187, Saladin’s victory over King Guy of Lusignan paved the way for the reconquest of Jerusalem. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VII.3 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VII.3 with Tournaments and jousting in the Middle Ages. Steven Mulhberger leads our issue that looks at the the rise of tournaments and jousts, from their beginnings as ‘bloodless battles’ to the events which were more theatre than sport. We will be covering tournaments from Byzantium to the Holy Roman Empire, and feature the famous Combat of the Thirty. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VII.2 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VII.2 with The Battle of Lincoln Forced to sign the Magna Carta in 1215, King John soon made clear he had no intention of actually following its commandments. By the Summer of that year, the First Barons' War had begun. It pitched the king versus his barons, who looked for help from king Philip II of France. In the spring of next year, Londoners celebrated the entry of French Prince Louis, who soon had much of the south-eastern part of the country under his control... Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VII.1 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VII.1 with the Viking Invasion Formidable warriors, skilled sailors, and legendary heroes, the Vikings left an indelible mark on medieval Europe (and beyond). This issue explores the Viking attacks in France and Iberia, including their sieges of Paris in the ninth century. Read also about what archaeological findings are revealing about the possibility of Viking warrior women. Plus, discover the medieval stories of undead armies, and how mining was used as a siege tactic in the Middle East. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VI.6 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VI.6 with the German Peasants' Revolt Hundreds of thousands of peasants rise up to overthrow the elites of 16th-century Germany. Will they succeed? This issue covers the German Peasants War, a massive rebellion that took place in the years 1524 to 1525. It’s a story of terror and tragedy, as well as of war leader who had an iron hand. Read also about why forest management was important to warfare, and the interesting story of a medieval weapon that never existed. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VI.5 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VI.5 with The Knights Templar Both admired and vilified, the mystique surrounding this order of holy knights remains a powerful force to this day. The Knights Templar are the theme of this issue - how this military order began in the 12th-century, the ways it operated on and off the battlefield, and the fascinating legacy they have in today’s culture. The Battle of La Forbie is recounted in this issue, where the Templars and other Crusaders would face off against the Khwarazmians. You can also read about the siege of Bedford Castle in 1224, and take a look at the strange images of a 15th century war-book. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VI.4 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VI.4 with The Norman invasion of Ireland A twelfth-century Irish king got more than he’d bargained for after enlisting foreign help in his bid for absolute power. This issue tells us about the Norman Conquest of Ireland, and the cast of characters who would battle for the island - Diarmait Mac Murchada, Richard de Clare and Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair. Read also about what we can learn from battlefield archaeology and the beautiful Book of Kells - Ireland’s greatest medieval masterpiece. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VI.3 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VI.3 with the Byzantine-Sassanid Wars The Byzantine-Sassanid Wars are retold in this issue. It is the story of two powerful empires aiming to take control of the Middle East. Their growing rivalry would lead to the Battle of Nineveh in the year 627. Read also about the Strategikon – a Byzantine military handbook and the remarkable insights it has into the waging of warfare, as well as articles about crusaders in the Baltics and a comparison of the archers of Japan and Britain. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VI.2 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VI.2 with The War of the Sicilian Vespers An incident between French soldiers and a Sicilian wedding party would lead to a massive revolt on the island. Known as the War of the Sicilian Vespers, this struggle would determine dominance in the Mediterranean Sea. Our issue tells the story of the war on land and sea, and the rivalry between Peter of Aragon and Charles of Anjou. Read also about the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, how King Edward I besieged Caerlaverock Castle in 1300, and the clash in 12th-century England between two ladies named Matilda. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare VI.1 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare VI.1 with Reign of the Leper King The Kingdom of Jerusalem - and its ailing ruler Baldwin IV - are the focus of this issue. From ‘Deeds done beyond the sea’ to how leprosy left its mark on a king and on the crusader states, this issue explores the events of the second half of the the twelfth-century in the Holy Land. Read about the rise of Saladin and the Battle of of Montgisard in 1177. All this, plus articles on the Norse God Odin and the military career of St. Francis of Assisi. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare V.6 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare 5.6 with the Mongol invasion of Europe When the Mongols first appeared in Eastern Europe during the 13th century, nobody was prepared for their fast and merciless style of warfare. Learn More
  • Medieval Warfare V.5 (PDF)

    Medieval Warfare V.5 with Naval warfare and piracy in the Middle Ages The medieval era is not usually known for its naval battles, but the Vikings, Byzantines and many others showed the value of taking to the waves. Learn More

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