Editorial plan

Medieval Warfare is published every two months, and consists of ten or more articles in each issue. We have a theme for each issue, and most of the articles will be devoted to that area. Additionally, every issue will also feature pieces on other aspects of medieval military history, so that our readers can have a diverse experience. If you are interested in writing for our magazine, please contact the editor.

The remaining issues for 2016 will be about:

Medieval Warfare VI-6

Release: Mid-December

Theme: The German Peasants War

The Germany of the 1520s in some ways echoes our current times - great change taking place in society, with religious upheaval, technological transformations and a great number of people who believed that the elites of their world were taking too much and ignoring them. Five hundred years ago, these tensions would erupt into a countrywide rebellion. Kelly DeVries will be leading off our examination of the military history of the German Peasants War, a conflict that was at times strange and tragic. You can also read about a German knight with an iron hand (which worked!), anti-war images from the 16th-century, and the story of a medieval weapon that never existed.

In 2017, the magazine’s themes are:

Medieval Warfare VII-1

Release: mid-February 2017

Theme: Vikings and the Sieges of Paris

The ninth-century would see Western Europe under attack by the Northmen. Viking armies would raid and pillage as far south as Iberia, and it seemed that if the entire continent was under threat. The city of Paris would be attacked twice during this century, and Danielle Turner will be telling as about how the future French capital struggled to defend itself. Look for profiles on some of the most famous Norse leaders of this period, and new evidence about Viking warrior women.

Medieval Warfare VII-2

Release: mid-April

Theme: The Battle of Lincoln

This year marks the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln, one of the most important battles in English history. Sean McGlynn will be writing about this episode, but this issue will also feature the Battle of Sandwich, a naval fight which saw the English take on a French fleet led by a monk-turned-pirate, and the sieges of Rochester and Dover castles. Also look for a piece on why King John was viewed as one of the worst rulers of England by his country’s chroniclers, and a profile of William Marshall, who has been called the greatest knight of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Warfare VII-3

Release: mid-June

Theme: Tournaments

Steven Mulhberger leads our issue that looks at the the rise of tournaments and jousts, from their beginnings as ‘bloodless battles’ to the events which were more theatre than sport. We will be covering tournaments from Byzantium to the Holy Roman Empire, and feature the famous Combat of the Thirty.

Medieval Warfare Volume VII-4

Release: Mid-August

Theme: The Battle of Hattin

The First Crusade had given European Christians control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. In the closing decades of twelfth-century, the Crusader States were threatened by Saladin, a Kurdish military leader who was seeking to unite Egypt and Syria under his rule. His clashes with the Crusaders would lead up to the Battle of Hattin in 1187. John France will be telling us about the battle in an issue that will look at warfare in the Middle East during the crusades.

Proposal deadline: January 10, 2017

Medieval Warfare Volume VII-5 

Release: Mid-October

Theme: The Murder of Charles the Good

In 1127, Count Charles of Flanders would fall victim to conspiracy among his nobles, and die at the altar of a church in Bruges. Soon the city would be the scene of violence and war, while the kings of France and England would set their schemes in place to become the master of Flanders.

Proposal deadline: March 10, 2017

Medieval Warfare Volume VII-6 

Release: Mid-December

Theme: El Cid and the Christian Reconquest

This issue will follow the life of Rodrigo Diaz, the man behind the legend of El Cid. While the tales of the Middle Ages would present him as a Christian leader aimed at reconquering Spain from the Moors, the real Rodrigo has a much more interesting story to tell. Read about him as well as the rise of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon.

Proposal deadline: March 10, 2017

In 2018, our issues will be on:

Medieval Warfare VIII-1

Release: mid-February 2018

Theme: John Hawkwood and the Condottieri in Italy

Proposal deadline: September 10, 2017

Medieval Warfare VIII-2

Release: mid-April

Theme: The Welsh Wars of Edward I

Proposal deadline: Septemebr 10, 2017

Medieval Warfare VIII-3

Release: mid-June

Theme: The Battle of Vlaardingen

Proposal deadline: Septemebr 10, 2017

Medieval Warfare VIII-4

Release: mid-August

Theme: Birkebeiner vs Bagler: The Wars for Norway

Proposal deadline: March 10, 2018

Medieval Warfare VIII-5

Release: mid-September

Theme: The Siege of Constantinople, 717-718

Proposal deadline: May 10, 2018

Medieval Warfare VIII-6

Release: mid-December

Theme: The Seventh Crusade

Proposal deadline: July 10, 2018