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Editorial plan

Medieval Warfare is published every two months, and consists of ten or more articles in each issue. We have a theme for each issue, and most of the articles will be devoted to that area. Additionally, every issue will also feature pieces on other aspects of medieval military history, so that our readers can have a diverse experience.

Generally, we reach out to historians and scholars to write articles for our themes, but we do accept contributions, especially from people who are doing current research in the field. Moreover, we publish several non-theme articles each issue, and welcome submissions about topics related to the Middle Ages. We encourage early career scholars (recent PhDs and graduate students) to contact us and let us know about their research.

If you are interested in writing for our magazine, please contact the editor.

Here are some of the issues coming soon:

Medieval Warfare XI-6

Release: mid-January, 2022

Theme: Sieges in the Hundred Years' War - Clifford Rogers leads off this theme with a data-driven look at sieges

Medieval Warfare XII-1

Release: mid-March, 2022

Theme: The Swabian War (1499) - the House of Habsburg and the Holy Roman Empire against the Swiss Confederacy

Medieval Warfare XII-2

Release: mid-May, 2022

Theme: The Sieges of Rhodes (1480 and 1522) - With the 500th anniversary of the second siege of Rhodes, Kelly DeVries leads our coverage of this major event

Medieval Warfare XII-3

Release: mid-July, 2022

Theme: Cities and warfare - a look at the role of urban cities and warfare

Medieval Warfare XII-4

Release: mid-September, 2022

Theme: Maritime warfare and piracy - naval battles and more throughout the medieval world

Medieval Warfare XII-5

Release: mid-November, 2022

Theme: The Battle of Grunwald (1410)  - a look at the rise of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Medieval Warfare XII-6

Release: mid-January, 2023

Theme: Byzantine warfare - a focus on the role of Byzantium in the medieval world

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