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Coming Soon to Medieval Warfare magazine

We wanted to give you an update on what issues we are working on here at Medieval Warfare magazine. Our original plan was to have the next issue focus on the Battle of Neville's Cross, but do to unforeseen circumstances we've had to push that back to next year. Instead, our next issue is going to take a look at Cyprus and the Crusades. Nicholas Coureas and Helena P. Schrader will be our featured authors for this theme, and both of their articles will be very interesting!

The final issue of 2019 is going to be about medieval Iceland. It is not a land known for large-scale warfare, but in the mid-thirteenth-century the island fell into a civil war with three major battles. The Sturlunga Age is a period of Icelandic history that gets overlooked, but it is a very dramatic time that would leave massive changes to its society and governance. We really hope it is going to be one of the best we have published.

For 2020 we are going to be starting off by looking at King Arthur's wars - the literary ones. From Geoffrey of Monmouth to Thomas Malory, you can find some great stories of Arthur, Lancelot, Gawain, and the the other Knights of the Round Table. This includes a lot of descriptions of battles and warfare, and we want to take a look at these and how this literary world impacted the real world.

Issue 2 of 2020, we are taking you to the early ninth century, when the Abbasid Caliphate would be shaken to its core by a civil war. The Abbasids had emerged only a few decades before, but with the creation of Baghdad it became one of the key centres of the early medieval world. Then, at its high point, a conflict with emerge between two brothers for the throne. We will tell you that story.

Issue 3 will have our theme on the Battle of Neville's Cross, a key fight between Scotland and England in the fourteenth century. With the rest of the issues for 2020, one of them will be about the Siege of Acre during the Third Crusade, with John Hosler revisiting the topic.  We're looking at other few ideas for themes in 2020, and we would love to get your suggestions. Would you be interested in an issue that features Japan? What about the Ottoman Empire? Also, would you want to have an issue that looks at Anglo-Saxon England, or England during the Anarchy? Let us know in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Medieval Warfare magazine”

  • Graham Pendlebury
    Graham Pendlebury September 11, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    The planned future issues look great, and your tentative proposals are all excellent too. One suggestion, how about some articles about Eastern and South Eastern Europe? There is a lot of fascinating history from the Baltics and Poles to the Hungarians, Serbs, Wallachians and Bulgars, very little known outside those areas. Finally, is the magazine maybe a bit too Eurocentric? There is very little about China, India or the Americas, for example, even though those areas saw large empires and s rich vein of military engagement.

  • Everett Sharp

    England during the Anarchy, IMO, would be an issue I would buy.

  • Rod Huffman

    Not so much interested in Japan or even China before modern times. BUT, the others you mentioned -- Ottoman Empire (particularly all aspects of its attempts at conquest, exploitation and conversion of the west, and Anglo-Saxon and England Durinmg the Anarchy sounds great. Articles pertaining to Byzantium are also good. Thanks for the great job you do with MW. My preferences are European and British Isles/Ireland. Rod

  • Adrian Knighton

    Basil the Bulgar Slayer
    England in the Anarchy
    Lord of the Isles in Scotland
    Pre Shogunate Japan
    Early Samurai, horse archers.
    Liberation of Portugal
    Poitiers and Crecy
    Anglo Saxon England
    William Tell and Swiss independence
    Medieval Poland, Hungary.
    Medieval Serbia, Kosovo.
    These are just some of my ideas.

  • David Weiner

    Three subjects that I’ve always wanted to see articles about are:
    --Ministerialis – Knights/sergeants in Germany that were tied to the land(?)
    --The military structure of the Latin Kingdom the existed in Greece after the 4th Crusade.
    --The military role of mounted squires and mounted sergeants.

  • Adrian Knighton

    Good choices. I would be interested in an issue of Anglo Saxon England and another about the Anarchy. An issue would about Pre-Shogunate Japan would be good. An issue about the various stages of the Varangian guard would be interesting.
    What about these topics, medieval Poland and Hungary, William Tell and Swiss independence, Liberation of Portugal, Crecy and Poitiers, Avars ,Sarmatians and other nomadic tribes, and Basil the Bulgar Slayer.
    Thanks for superb magazines, keep up the good work.
    Regards Adrian Knighton.

  • Andrei Pogacias

    As I always said, at least one issue per year should be about Eastern Europe - Byzantines, Ottomans, Balkans, Romanian Countries, Poland, Russia etc. One non-issue article about these areas would also be interesting. There are many very interesting topics - and important for the general medieval history - about the eastern space, unknown to too many. A non-issue article about these topics in every issue would also be useful. And yes, Asia must have its place in the magazine.

  • Peter Konieczny

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Many good suggestions here. I really do want to spread the magazine out more in terms of its geographic scope, so that you see articles representing the entire medieval world. The next issue will include a piece about warfare taking place in 9th century Azerbaijan. I definitely want to see more pieces about Eastern Europe as well.

    Often the challenge is finding the right author - someone doing work in that particular field and is able to devote some time to writing for us. I'll be looking through some recent research articles that I've collected and see if I can find some potentially interesting stuff that could be turned into MW articles.

  • Darrell Hindley

    The Swabian War and the Battle of Dornach 1499.

    There are very few sources in English, well, almost none. It would be very enlightening to have scholars take a look at the battle and shed some light of what the troops looked like and what transpired.

  • Alex

    England in the Anarchy over A-S England has my vote.

  • Pete Dobson

    The use of the longbow from the point of view of a practising longbow archer ?
    Fletching from the point of view of a fletcher...……?

  • Nathan Arkin

    An issue about the wars of Tamerlane would be most fascinating.

  • Jason Parker

    Anglo-Saxon England gets a vote from me but I just took out a subscription so I'm unaware how often you cover the period. Looking forward to my first issue.

  • William Edwards
    William Edwards October 4, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Sirs, I would Like to see something, anything on ancient Russia and how they survived the Mongols,Tartars, Muslims and Europeans they are a tough people and more should be known of their medieval period. Thank You

  • Mark Stevens

    An issue on the campaigns and army of Timerlenk/ Tamerlane would rectify a serious omission in your coverage of Medieval Warfare.
    The Battle of Ankara on 20 July 1402 was a massive battle, which followed a fascinating strategic campaign.
    The Ottoman Army had a large Serbia element to it, which performed well and extricated itself from the battle.
    Bayerzid had been an incredibly successful Commander who had destroyed the flower of European chivalry at the
    Battle of Nicopolis in September 1396. He was outmanoeuvred and outgeneraled by Timurlenk and his army routed. Timurlenk went on to successfully besiege Smyrna( now Izmir) in December 1402, a city which was well fortified and defended by the Knights Hospitallers.
    At the time, Timurlenk was a relatively old man of 69 when he died on 18 February 1405, while preparing to invade China.
    Although he has come down to history as a butcher, he was also one of its most outstanding and successful commanders.

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