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Conference season is upon us!

The arrival of spring is a much loved time for medievalists, because that is when the academic conferences begin to be held in earnest. This year will be quite different, as conferences are being held online instead of as in-person events. 

Here are five conferences happening within the next few months, two of which I will be involved in:

1. The Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting

15-18 April

Considered the third largest conference focusing on medieval studies, this event moves around each year to different cities in North America.

2. On Being Conquered in Byzantium

16-17 April

This virtual conference is being hosted by Dumbarton Oaks. While it only features 10 papers, the focus is on the military history of the Byzantine Empire.

3. International Congress on Medieval Studies

10-15 May

The largest gathering of medievalists, this usually takes place on the campus of the University of Western Michigan. The online version remains quite large, and I'll be presiding on a roundtable about podcasting.

4. Society for Military History Annual Meeting

20-23 May

This conference features papers ranging from the ancient world to the early 21st century.

5. International Medieval Congress

5-9 July

The largest medieval studies conference in Europe, this has been taking place at the University of Leeds. I will be also be part of this congress, hosting a workshop on 'How a Medievalist Can Earn Income outside Academia'

I hope to see you at these conferences, even if it will be through Zoom!




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