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  • How well do you know the Battle of Hattin?

    The latest issue of Medieval Warfare magazine examines the Battle of Hattin. How well do you know one of this important clash of the crusader-era? Read more
  • Saladin’s Letter

    This letter was written by the Ayyubid sultan Saladin in the late summer of 1174. Read more
  • Call for Papers for Medieval Military History

    Two conferences coming up in 2018 will be of interest to medieval military historians Read more
  • Book Review: Dracula's Wars: Vlad The Impaler and His Rivals

    Unfortunately, this book fails on all levels and is a long tragedy of historical errors. Read more
  • Laws of the Castle

    Castles were the main defensive structures for much of medieval Europe, but they were only effective if they were guarded by competent and disciplined soldiers... Read more
  • Miracles that Stopped Medieval Soldiers

    One of the most popular works of the Middle Ages was Dialogus miraculorum by a Cistercian monk named Caesarius of Heisterbach. Read more
  • New Insights into the Bedale Hoard Sword

    In 2012 metal detectorists uncovered a hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver items in a field at Bedale, North Yorkshire. New research presented last week at the International Medieval Congress is offering insights into the remains of a sword that was part of that hoard. Read more
  • 10 Things I’ve learned at the IMC

    One of the two major conferences on the Middle Ages takes place each year at the University of Leeds. The International Medieval Congress (IMC) brings... Read more
  • Geoffrey de Preuilly did not invent the tournament

    If you ask Google about the first tournament where knights fought against each other, an answer you might get is that it happened in the... Read more
  • Some people should not go jousting!

    Jousting might be fun, but not everyone should do it. You can learn that from this story, written in the 14th century by Franco Sacchetti. Read more

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