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  • Theme suggestions

    July is almost upon us, which means that we need to start thinking about the themes for 2015, Volume V of Medieval Warfare. In the... Read more
  • Arms and armour of Bannockburn II

    This short article is an extension to the author’s piece featured in the latest issue, Medieval Warfare IV-3, exploring the war gear of early fourteenth-century men-at-arms... Read more
  • News update 12 June 2014

    This is our news update for Thursday 12 June. I hope that some of you have seen part 2 of the well made documentary about... Read more
  • News update 5 June 2014

    This is our new MW news update for this week. Of special interest for me this week is a new blog focusing on Dr Tobias... Read more
  • MW IV.3

    During the course of this week, Medieval Warfare IV.3 will arrive at our office and shipped to contributors and buyers. The issue’s theme is the... Read more
  • The Aztecs: Part II

    In the first part of this series, Michael Curl has introduced us to the Aztecs before the coming of the Spanish conquistadores, covering imperial organization and the... Read more
  • Special Medieval Warfare

    At the start of next week, our very first Medieval Warfare Special will arrive at our office. For those of you who have missed our... Read more
  • Aftermath and abandonment – Casting off the Maid

    After the dramatic and unanticipated victory at Orléans on May 8, 1429, we would have expected Charles VII to at least acknowledge Joan of Arc’s... Read more
  • MW IV-2 now available

    It has been very busy over here at Medieval Warfare. Aside from our regular issues, we also have our very first Special to work on... Read more
  • Another world: the Aztecs

    ”(…) they were armed with large bows and arrows, lances and shields and swords shaped like our two-handed swords, and many slings and stones and... Read more

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