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  • MW IV.4

    In the next week or so, Medieval Warfare IV-4 will be shipped to subscribers and buyers. The issue focuses on The Burgundian Wars, the conflict... Read more
  • News update 24 July 2014

    This is our new blog update of 24 July 2014. Our latest issue, Medieval Warfare IV-4, has been sent to the printers in the previous... Read more
  • News update 11 July 2014

    This is our news and ‘fun facts’ update of Friday 11 July 2014. It has been a hectic several months here at Medieval Warfare. Our... Read more
  • News update 4 July 2014

    This is our news update of Friday 4 July. We are very busy with the final stages of Medieval Warfare IV-4. It should got to... Read more
  • News update 30 June 2014

    This is our news update of Monday 30 June. Today, 1221 years ago, the Duke of Milan nearly defeated a force of Swiss halberdiers, chasing... Read more
  • Battle of Bannockburn anniversary

    Today, 700 years ago, an English army under Edward II was defeated by Robert the Bruce, King Scotland, a stunning victory of the Scots against... Read more
  • News update 19 June 2014

    This is our news update of Thursday 19 June. Of special interest for me this week – aside from the crushing (but fortunately fairly peaceful... Read more
  • Theme suggestions

    July is almost upon us, which means that we need to start thinking about the themes for 2015, Volume V of Medieval Warfare. In the... Read more
  • Arms and armour of Bannockburn II

    This short article is an extension to the author’s piece featured in the latest issue, Medieval Warfare IV-3, exploring the war gear of early fourteenth-century men-at-arms... Read more
  • News update 12 June 2014

    This is our news update for Thursday 12 June. I hope that some of you have seen part 2 of the well made documentary about... Read more

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