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Medieval Warfare Blog

  • How to Build a Siege Tower… according to Richer of Saint-Rémi

    Historians have often lamented that medieval chroniclers offered little detailed information about warfare - these writers were often monks who had no experience in military... Read more
  • Greetings!

    Dear fans of Medieval Warfare, I wanted to introduce myself as the new editor of Medieval Warfare magazine and tell you why I am looking... Read more
  • A new editor!

    Having stood at the helm of Medieval Warfare for the best part of a year, Erin van der Pijl recently decided to focus on her studies and hand... Read more
  • The Sicilian Vespers

    The latest issue of Medieval Warfare, issue VI-2, will return from the printer’s shortly. This one has been a real collaborative effort, with everyone in... Read more
  • Books received (April 2016)

    Books! You gotta love ‘em. If you’ve been reading our magazine blogs for a while, you know we regularly get stacks of books sent to... Read more
  • The art of Arthur Rackham

    When I was younger, I was very much into the legends surrounding King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. I read stuff like... Read more
  • Local symposium on the Middle Ages

    As you may be aware, the Karwansaray office is located in Zutphen, not far from Arnhem (which you may recall was the site of Operation... Read more
  • Unusual witness of war II: The Gododdin

    ““Ceredig, amiable leader, A wrestler in the impetuous fight; His golden shield dazzled the field of battle, His lances, when darted, were shivered into splinters, And the stroke of... Read more
  • Themes for Volume VI (2016)

    As you may remember I opened a poll to vote for next year’s themes  for MW last month. I asked all of you to vote on... Read more
  • Unusual witness of war: The Book of Kells

    History isn’t often told by human witnesses, but by other ‘survivors.’ Think for instance of archaeological finds like the remains of buildings, pots and other artefacts... Read more

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