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  • The stuff of Legends

    Sometimes one reads something that doesn´t depart from the mind in any particular hurry. Such was the case for me with regard to the online... Read more
  • Alfred and the Great Army

    In 864 AD, the Viking nuisance became a lot more serious. For nearly a century, Scandinavian seafarers had been making brief raids on the coasts... Read more
  • Choosing the themes of Medieval Warfare

    Recently, there have been some questions regarding the as-of-yet unfixed themes of Volume IV. Previously, we often used a poll to decide the themes of... Read more
  • Midget Ninja & Tactical Laxatives. Bizarre Warfare through the Ages

    I don’t have to tell our readers about the importance of historical science. The hard efforts of professionals and amateurs alike of mapping the course... Read more
  • Contemporary myths of the Crusades: A few selections and connections to the Albigensian Crusade

    In our contemporary world, many common misconceptions regarding the Crusades are perpetually thrown around as a result of distorted histories. Political correctness has led many... Read more
  • To be or not to be...

    During my time as a history student at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the first two years were filled with mandatory courses. This, of course... Read more
  • Manuel’s revenge – Byzantine victory at Hyelion

    Mere months after the Seljuq victory at Myriokephalon, Sultan Kilij Arslan dispatched a 24,000 man elite force to ravage the Byzantine territory of the Meander... Read more
  • ‘Squeaky Carcas’

    Working myself through the usual editing processes for a new issue – which, of course, requires a lot of reading and re-reading of all articles... Read more
  • Living in the shade of history

    One of the most bizarre things I encountered during my trip to Istanbul was when I decided to leave the paths tread by many a... Read more
  • The Mary Rose

    Granted, the topic of this blog might be more suitable for a magazine on early modern warfare. Still, the term ‘medieval’ has only relatively recently... Read more

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