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Medieval Warfare Blog

  • Why this book will be a must-read for medieval military historians

    This might be the most valuable book to be published in recent years for the field of medieval military history, and will surely have a huge impact on those studying and writing about warfare in the later Middle Ages. Read more
  • Preview of Medieval Warfare 10:3

    A video preview of issue 10:3 of Medieval Warfare, where we flip through the magazine and showcase the articles you can find inside. Read more
  • The Battle of Brunanburh - the view from the 18th century

    He entered into a confederacy with Anlaf, who had collected a great body of Danish pyrates, whom he found hovering in the Irish seas; and with some Welsh princes, who were terrified at the growing power of Athelstan: and all these allies made by concert an irruption with a great army into England. Read more
  • The War Poetry of Oswald von Wolkenstein

    Few medieval warriors could say they had such an interesting and varied career as Oswald von Wolkenstein. Fewer still could say they also wrote poems and songs about it. Read more
  • Preview of Medieval Warfare 10:2

    A new video of Peter talking about the latest issue of Medieval Warfare, which focuses on civil wars in the Middle Ages. Read more
  • Selling weapons to the enemy

    Those interested in the politics and military history of the medieval Middle East will be interested in two new books that have just been published... Read more
  • Five online resources about medieval world

    Five online resources that you should check out to learn about the medieval world. Read more
  • King Arthur’s first battles

    The History of the Kings of Britain is one of the most famous pieces of literature from the Middle Ages. Much of it is devoted... Read more
  • Preparing for an attack - a story from medieval Prato

    See to it with Barzalone and Niccolo that all things in Il Palco are brought to Prato, and nothing remains there, not even pieces of iron, for all is in danger. Read more
  • Preview of Medieval Warfare 10:1

    Take a look through the pages of our latest issue as we give you a preview of what you can read. Read more

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