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Medieval Warfare Blog

  • What's coming in 2022 to Medieval Warfare magazine

    Our plans for next year's issues are firming up, and Volume XII of our magazine will have six issues featuring important battles and sieges, and more medieval military history topics that we haven't covered before. Read more
  • Vlad's Impalings

    Our latest issue of Medieval Warfare focuses on the 15th century Voivode of Wallachia, Vlad III. His nickname was 'the Impaler', and judging by the medieval sources that recount his life, it is not difficult to understand how he got such an infamous moniker. Read more
  • Three riddles - one answer

    What flies without flesh? Read more
  • Restaurum Equorum - Valuing horses in England

    One of the many interesting papers given earlier this summer at the International Medieval Congress focused on a set of English documents that showed how compensation was given for warhorses that were killed or injured. Read more
  • Articles coming soon to Medieval Warfare magazine

    We have a lot of great articles that are being prepared for future issues of Medieval Warfare, and we wanted to share a little bit about them with you. We have a wide variety of writers for the magazine, and the topics even more so. Read more
  • A Difference of Opinion: A look at Boleslaw I of Poland

    One of the most interesting things about medieval chronicles are the points where they disagree. There are many examples I have come across, but here... Read more
  • Weapons in Society - Royal Armouries conference 2021

    Last month, the Royal Armouries at Leeds held their conference 'Weapons in Society'. Held online, it featured eleven speakers giving papers on the roles of arms and armour in the medieval and early modern eras. Read more
  • The Duties of a Good Knight

    And I tell you that the first and principal thing is that they should keep the oath which they have made to their lord to whom they belong, and to whom they have sworn and promised to do all that he shall command for the defence of his land, according to what is laid down by the laws. Read more
  • The Mongols in Central Europe: The Profile and Impact of their Thirteenth-Century Invasions

    One of the changes brought about because of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that many in-person meetings have been cancelled, and replaced by virtual gatherings... Read more
  • Stupid word or stupid deed?

    Henry is so upset that he orders the knight to be immediately executed. Read more

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