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  • Medieval Warfare magazine ... the Trailer!

    We had a little fun this week creating a Hollywood-style trailer to show off Medieval Warfare magazine Issue VIII:4. Read more
  • Museums and the Middle Ages

    This summer we had the chance to take in several museums and their medieval collections. Read more
  • Numbering the crusades

    Which crusade was which? A look at the numbered crusades - First to Seventh, or First to Tenth. Read more
  • What’s coming to Medieval Warfare magazine in 2019

    Read about what's coming next year in Medieval Warfare magazine, including a new Special Issue! Read more
  • Medieval underdogs that beat the odds

    Readers of Medieval Warfare magazine might have noticed a common theme running through a few of our recent issues. We have focused on individuals who were able to use their military skills to achieve fame and fortune. Read more
  • How well do you know the medieval rulers of Norway?

    Try our latest quiz - eight questions about the rulers of Norway in the Middle Ages. Read more
  • A crusader statue in Belgium

    For the millions of residents and tourists who pass through the city of Brussels each year, the statue of Godfrey of Bouillon is a somewhat forgotten relic. Yet there it stands in the heart of the Belgian capital - a statue of this leader from the First Crusade, portrayed majestically riding a horse. Why is it there? Read more
  • The IMC celebrates 25 years

    The IMC at Leeds celebrated 25 years. Medieval Warfare Magazine Editor, Peter Konieczny, travelled to the annual event and captured some highlights. Read more
  • “Eyewitness” history and the medieval battle

    In the ancient world, it was considered that the only “true” historians were those who watched events firsthand. What could be a more accurate than someone who saw with their own eyes the events they are writing about? Read more
  • Five questions about medieval warfare answered

    Lessons from Warfare in Medieval Europe series - five videos featuring historians answering questions within the field. Read more

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