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Medieval Warfare Blog

  • Clonmacnoise and its medieval tower

    A look at the Ireland's most famous medieval tower, which can be found at Clonmacnoise. Read more
  • Yasuke - new anime series set in 16th century Japan

    Netflix will be debuting a new anime series later this week, which will tell the story of an African man who became a warrior in 16th century Japan. Read more
  • Conference season is upon us!

    The arrival of spring is a much loved time for medievalists, because that is when the academic conferences begin to be held in earnest. This year will be quite different, as conferences are being held online instead of as in-person events.  Read more
  • Medieval warfare on the Louvre's new digital database

    Historians and museum goers were very excited to learn that the Louvre Museum has unveiled a new digital database. You can now explore over 482,000 items, representing 75% of the museum's collection. Read more
  • How well do you know medieval armour?

    We created a short quiz to test your knowledge of medieval armour. See how well you can score! Read more
  • Armour for fun

    What you are looking at is a helmet a little over 500 years old. In most respects it is another late medieval sallet with a visor. But why was it painted to look almost monstrous? Read more
  • Looking at this beautiful 15th-century set of armour

    Visitors to the Wallace Collection in London have something new to behold - a rare full set of armour for a knight and horse, which dates back to the fifteenth century. Read more
  • Owain Glyn Dŵr and the Beginning of the Welsh Revolt, according to Thomas Walsingham

    The story of Owain Glyn Dŵr is told in several chronicles from the period, including the Chronica Maiora of Thomas Walsingham, better known as the St. Alban’s Chronicle. Read more
  • The Battle of Hastings, according to Anonymous of Béthune

    His account of the Norman Conquest of England is short - somewhat surprising considering the importance of the event - but it does contain a few interesting pieces of information. Read more
  • Medieval Warfare magazine in 2021

    Here at Medieval Warfare magazine, our plans for 2021 are firming up, and we’ve got some really interesting issues ahead for you. Read more

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