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Medieval Warfare Blog

  • ‘Squeaky Carcas’

    Working myself through the usual editing processes for a new issue – which, of course, requires a lot of reading and re-reading of all articles... Read more
  • Living in the shade of history

    One of the most bizarre things I encountered during my trip to Istanbul was when I decided to leave the paths tread by many a... Read more
  • The Mary Rose

    Granted, the topic of this blog might be more suitable for a magazine on early modern warfare. Still, the term ‘medieval’ has only relatively recently... Read more
  • Watching history happen

    You don’t have to go far in watching films set in medieval times to encounter the depiction of warfare; whether warfare is central to the... Read more
  • Prize-winning Museum

    As mentioned in a facebook post from a few weeks back, as well as in the news section of Medieval Warfare III.3, the Higgins Armory... Read more
  • Recycling in Rome

    In one of my blogs from a few weeks back, I spoke of several ancient or medieval monuments in Rome which are preserved largely intact... Read more
  • The commander's black steed

    The life and death of Swiss reformer Huldrych Zwingli is covered in Medieval Warfare magazine III-2 as a special case of that issue’s theme ‘Warrior bishops... Read more
  • Sand of time: Rome

    No, this is not about the popular Prince of Persia game- and movie franchise. Rather, it is about the condition in which historical monuments are... Read more
  • Zwingli on Leadership

    The Swiss reformer Huldrych Zwingli (1484-1531) is perhaps not the most obvious candidate for the  Medieval Warfare issue III-2   theme on ‘Warrior bishops’ as he was... Read more
  • Working in the shadow of history

    After shamelessly having praised my home-town of Nijmegen in my previous blog, I think it’s time to give you a short introduction to an even... Read more

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