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  • A crusader statue in Belgium

    For the millions of residents and tourists who pass through the city of Brussels each year, the statue of Godfrey of Bouillon is a somewhat forgotten relic. Yet there it stands in the heart of the Belgian capital - a statue of this leader from the First Crusade, portrayed majestically riding a horse. Why is it there? Read more
  • The IMC celebrates 25 years

    The IMC at Leeds celebrated 25 years. Medieval Warfare Magazine Editor, Peter Konieczny, travelled to the annual event and captured some highlights. Read more
  • “Eyewitness” history and the medieval battle

    In the ancient world, it was considered that the only “true” historians were those who watched events firsthand. What could be a more accurate than someone who saw with their own eyes the events they are writing about? Read more
  • Five questions about medieval warfare answered

    Lessons from Warfare in Medieval Europe series - five videos featuring historians answering questions within the field. Read more
  • How well do you know the medieval castles of Wales?

    Wales is home to dozens of castles, many of which are arguably the most awe-inspiring fortresses from the Middle Ages. How much do you know about them? Take our quiz to explore the medieval castles of Wales. Read more
  • The Battle of Bouvines, according to the Chronicle of Andres

    Fought on July 27, 1214 in the County of Flanders, this saw King Philip Augustus of France defeat a coalition of enemies including the Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV, the counts of Flanders and Holland, the dukes of Brabant, Lorraine and Limburg, as well as English forces from King John. Read more
  • Why did Dafydd ap Gruffudd rebel in 1282?

    One of the most perplexing questions of the Welsh rebellion of 1282-3 is why it started in the first place. Read more
  • A Chronological Guide to Medieval Warfare issues

    Are you trying to find an issue of Medieval Warfare magazine based on your particular interest in the Middle Ages? Read more
  • In Praise of Bees

    Medieval writers often saw in animals reflections of their own qualities and characteristics. Some beasts could be noble, while others treacherous. One particular creature that often got admiration was the bee. Read more
  • An Armenian-Kurdish battle from the 10th century

    Medieval historians will be interested in a newly translated primary source: The Universal History of Step'anos Tarōnec'i. Read more

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