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  • How Well Do You Know Matthew Paris' Artwork?

    This 13th-century chronicler is also well-known for the illustrations he included in his works. Here are nine images by Matthew - do you know what he is drawing? Read more
  • The Medieval Undead - Episode 4 of the Medieval Warfare Podcast

    Did the Middle Ages have its own version of The Walking Dead? We talk with Scott G. Bruce, professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of The Penguin Book of the Undead, about some strange medieval tales, including a horde of dead soldiers roaming the countryside around Normandy. Read more
  • Giving a speech before a battle - How William Marshal spoke at the Battle of Lincoln

    If you have read a few accounts of battles in the Middle Ages, you will notice that chroniclers and writers were fond of recording the speeches given by military commanders. This was the case with the anonymous author of The History of William Marshal, who reported the rousing speech given by his protagonist before the Battle of Lincoln on May 20, 1217. Read more
  • A War for England 800 years ago

    In one month’s time we will be marking the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln - perhaps one of the most important battles in English history, yet one that is often overlooked by historians. Read more
  • How Magical Statues protected the Byzantine Empire

    If the Byzantine Empire was under threat from a foreign invader, the people of Constantinople could turn to one of the many statues within the city. It was believed they could use its magical powers to defeat their enemies, but only if they destroyed the statue. Read more
  • Fighting the Myths of the Crusades - Episode 3 of the Medieval Warfare Podcast

    The crusades are a very popular topic. It is also can be one of the most controversial, with books and websites offering misinformation, exaggerations and... Read more
  • The Civil War in Denmark (1131-1134), according to Sven Aggesen

    First they fought at Ronbjerg, where Nicolaus won the day, and he captured my grandfather Kristiarn and sent him, bound with iron shackles, to be held in custody at the fort which overlooks the town of Schleswig. Read more
  • Viking raids in Europe, as reported by chroniclers

    The Viking attacks on continental Europe in the ninth and tenth centuries caused widespread devastation. Our main witnesses to these events are only a handful of chronicles and annals that were written during the period. Read more
  • Defeating the Vikings in Battle

    France was often a victim of the Vikings, with their cities and lands being frequently raided. French rulers often had to bribe the Northmen to convince them to leave. However, on some occasions, they were able to defeat the invaders in battle. One of those occasions took place in 943. Read more
  • How do you defeat the Vikings? - Episode 2 of the Medieval Warfare Podcast

    We are joined by Danielle Turner, a historian who specializes in the Vikings and the author of the featured article in the latest issue of Medieval Warfare – ‘The Viking Sieges of Paris: Brilliant Warfare or Pragmatic Decision?” Read more

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