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Medieval Warfare Blog

  • Preparing for an attack - a story from medieval Prato

    See to it with Barzalone and Niccolo that all things in Il Palco are brought to Prato, and nothing remains there, not even pieces of iron, for all is in danger. Read more
  • Preview of Medieval Warfare 10:1

    Take a look through the pages of our latest issue as we give you a preview of what you can read. Read more
  • MW Specials: Digital Editions

    You can now get digital versions of the Medieval Warfare magazine Special Editions! Read more
  • A look inside Issue IX:6

    Let's flip through the pages of Medieval Warfare IX:6 Read more
  • Medieval Warfare: A Reader

    I want to take a moment to give out some praise to the new book Medieval Warfare: A Reader, edited by Kelly DeVries and Michael Livingston. It just won the 2020 Society for Military History Distinguished Book Award, and deservingly so. Read more
  • The Sturlunga Era of Iceland

    When I first became the editor of Medieval Warfare magazine, there were a few topics I really wanted to do. One of them was about Iceland and its Sturlunga Era. Read more
  • The Battle of Grandson in 1476, according to Philippe de Commines

    Philippe de Commines was able to offer an account of the Battle of Grandson in 1476, when the Burgundian ruler went to war against the Swiss. Read more
  • The Global Middle Ages with Stephen Morillo

    A new episode of the Medieval Warfare podcast, in which we talk with Stephen Morillo, whose interest in military history takes him from Anglo-Norman England to medieval Japan. Read more
  • Take a look through Medieval Warfare IX:5

    Our latest issue is now on its way to our subscribers all over the world and will soon be available in book shops. I wanted to give you a little preview of what you will find inside. Read more
  • The Battle of Stoke Field as told in the Great Chronicle of London

    ...where they were met by the king’s army, and there fought a fight that was bitter and sharp for as long it lasted, on the foresaid 16 June. Read more

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