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  • In Praise of Bees

    Medieval writers often saw in animals reflections of their own qualities and characteristics. Some beasts could be noble, while others treacherous. One particular creature that often got admiration was the bee. Read more
  • An Armenian-Kurdish battle from the 10th century

    Medieval historians will be interested in a newly translated primary source: The Universal History of Step'anos Tar┼Źnec'i. Read more
  • How Well Do You Know John Hawkwood?

    In the fourteenth-century an English soldier named John Hawkwood would rise to become the most famous mercenary in Italy. Can you answer these ten questions about him and his times? Read more
  • Grappling with the Nature of Medieval War - A Round Table Discussion

    Watch these clips of medieval military historians talking at the International Medieval Congress. Read more
  • Medieval Warfare VII.6 subscriber copies

    Medieval Warfare issue VII.6 was mailed out just before Christmas. Unfortunately, it seems that in the UK (where it was mailed from), Royal Mail was... Read more
  • Managing a Peasant Army

    What happens when thousands of peasants rise up in rebellion and form an army? How do they govern themselves and make sure that order and discipline are maintained? Read more
  • Taking a look back at 2017, and forward to 2018

    The editor of Medieval Warfare takes a look back at 2017, and why creating this magazine is so much fun! Read more
  • Simon Barton (1962-2017)

    Earlier this week I learned about the unexpected death of Simon Barton, one of the leading historians of medieval Spain. Read more
  • Quiz: How well do you know El Cid?

    The famous Spanish warrior is the topic of the latest issue of Medieval Warfare. Test your knowledge about his life and times! Read more
  • 8 Great Videos about the Battle of Hastings

    As we prepared our special issue on 1066: The Battle of Hastings, we were inspired, captivated and amused by some of the videos on Youtube... Read more

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