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  • Warrior Clerics of Medieval England, 1000-1250

    Craig Nakashian speaking at Texas A&M University-Texarkana on January 26, 2017. Read more
  • Why should we learn about Medieval Warfare? - Episode 1 of the Medieval Warfare Podcast

    Dan Franke and Michael Livingston are the guests of the first episode of the Medieval Warfare Podcast, where we discuss why we study and learn about medieval military history. Read more
  • Did the Vikings Attack England in 1138?

    There is only one account of the Danes attacking England in 1138. Could this chronicler be right, and why was the history of this invasion concealed? Read more
  • How Well Do You Know the Vikings?

    Here are ten questions to challenge your knowledge of the Vikings and the Norse world. Read more
  • Top 10 Battles of the Fifth Century

    Here is our list of ten most important battles of the fifth century. 1. Battle of Châlons (451) A medieval illustration of the Battle of... Read more
  • A Chinese Invasion of Korea in 645

    China and Korea have a long history with each other - often involving conflict, but also with trade and cultural exchange. This is reflected in... Read more
  • Why The Gunpowder Age is a must-read

    Tonio Andrade’s The Gunpowder Age: China, Military Innovation, and the Rise of the West in World History has been named one of the winners of... Read more
  • The ‘Everlasting Fighting’ between Elephants and Dragons

    A quick look at medieval illustrations of elephants reveals that they are often depicted in combat with dragons. The serpent is shown having wrapped its... Read more
  • The Funny Condottieri

    Italian warfare during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries was often dominated by mercenary groups known as condottieri. Armies of these soldiers roamed throughout the city... Read more
  • The Ideal Knight

    What are the characteristics of an ideal knight? It would be a hard question to answer, even if you lived in the Middle Ages, as... Read more

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