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  • Why Hastings was an unusual battle

    “Then began death-bearing clouds of arrows. There followed the thunder of blows. The clash of helmets and swords produced dancing sparks.” ~ Henry of Huntingdon... Read more
  • Who Would You Fight for in 1066?

    It’s the year 1066. Edward, the King of England, has just died. Edward named his successor as Harold Godwinson, but Edward’s cousin, Duke William of... Read more
  • Five Strange Rules of the Templars

    First page of the Rule of the Templars The Knights Templar, like all medieval monastic orders, kept strict rules on how their members could behave... Read more
  • Ireland and the beginnings of Scotland

    “In this address I will try to give you some background as to why Robert Bruce thought that the Scots and the Irish were umbilically... Read more
  • Getting Crusaded: History and the Targets of Medieval Holy War

    The study of the Crusades, that sequence of papally-sponsored holy wars against various enemies of the Church, has never been more exciting. These movements are... Read more
  • Medieval Romance Combat Interpretation

    Have you ever wondered how realistic those battles that we read about in romances might actually be? Afterall, the audience for romance has been argued... Read more
  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem and War Against the Infidel: 16th-Century Doctrines of Just War and the Origins of the Spanish Empire

    Andrew Devereux examined the legal and moral questions of empire on the threshold of the early modern era by casting light on Spain’s expansionary ventures... Read more
  • Templars in the Movies

    Many movies have featured the Knights Templar, including those set it in the Middle Ages, and some that have made use of the military order... Read more
  • How Well Do You Know the Knights Templar?

    Try these ten questions to get you ready for our new issue of Medieval Warfare magazine! We quiz you on the Knights Templar, one of... Read more
  • My First Issue

    Earlier this month we finished the first issue of Medieval Warfare where I will be listed as the Editor. I wanted to share with you... Read more

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