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The Mongols in Central Europe: The Profile and Impact of their Thirteenth-Century Invasions

One of the changes brought about because of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that many in-person meetings have been cancelled, and replaced by virtual gatherings. This is true for medievalists, as nearly all of the conferences that took place in 2020 and so far in 2021 have been held online.

One of the fortunate side-effects of virtual conferences is that many are choosing to offer the event on Youtube - where videos of various papers have been added to the website. One of these is the conference The Mongols in Central Europe: The Profile and Impact of their Thirteenth-Century Invasions, which took place on November 26-27th. Hosted by The Mongol Invasion of Hungary and Its Eurasian Context project, it involved over 30 papers dealing with the Mongols and their invasions of Eastern Europe in the 13th century.

Most of the videos have been made available on the organization's Youtube channel. Some of our favourites are:

The Historicity of Ivo of Narbonne’s Account of a Mongol Attack on “Neustat”, by Stephen Pow

Inscribing the Mongol Invasion into History: The Chronica Majora and Beyond, by Zsuzsanna Papp Reed

The Mongols and the Internet: Online Outreach on the Chinggisid Empire, 2018-2020, by Jack Wilson

Top Image: The Mongols at Liegnitz. They display the head of Henry II of Silesia. Freytag's Hedwig manuscript, 1451. Wroclaw University Library, Inv. no. IV F 192, fol. 6 v

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