Medieval World: Culture & Conflict is published bi-monthly. The magazine features about ten articles that cover a theme and special topics related to the history and material culture of the Middle Ages.

Leading scholars and early career researchers from all over the world contribute content to this publication. We generally extend invitations for articles related to the theme, but we also accept proposals. Anyone can submit a proposal for an article, either related to a particular theme or to a special column (see below). We encourage early career scholars (recent PhDs and graduate students) to contact us and let us know about their research.

If you wish to submit a proposal (title/subtitle, abstract, and a brief CV), please contact the editor.

Upcoming Themes:

MWCC.2             Kyivan Rus
MWCC.3             Medieval Women: Diplomats, Fighters, Patrons
MWCC.4             Cities and Warfare
MWCC.5             Sicily at the Crossroads
MWCC.6             Louis IX: King, Patron, Saint
MWCC.7             Medieval Courts
MWCC.8             Sound and Music
MWCC.9             Late Byzantium
MWCC.10           Charles IV of Bohemia

    Special Columns:

    • Monuments & Objects
    • Historical Figures
    • Daily Life
    • Myths & Legends
    • Sources / Historiography
    • Endangered Cultural Heritage