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Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 77

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Issue 77 with The French in World War I
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Special Feature: The French in World War I
  • Guy Bowers and Olivier Perronny, ‘The French perspective on La Grande Guerre - The last of the last’.
  • Olivier Perronny, ‘The Battle of Hurtebise Farm, 1914 - A century after Napoleon’.
  • Eoghan Kelly, ‘La Tete des Faux and Col du Bonhomme - The battle in the clouds’.
  • Mark Backhouse, ‘Fighting with the French at Gallipoli - Kum Kale’.
  • Tony Harwood, ‘Building a French motor balloon lorry - Up and away’.
  • Guy Bowers, ‘Collecting a French WWI army - On ne passe pas!’.
  • Andrés Amián, ‘French Great War diorama - Storming out’.
  • Eoghan Kelly, ‘Bitesize battles - The Battle of Jemmingen, 1568’.
  • Daniel Mersey, ‘Lion Rampant in the fifteenth century - Kingmaker’.
  • Warwick Kinrade, ‘Battlegroup WWII for North Africa - Looking into the big blue’.
  • Gerry Miller, ‘The French paras after WWIII - Les Centurions’.
  • Andy Singleton, ‘Making a 28mm scale Hollywood tank - Furious painting’.
  • Paul Burkin, ‘How I learned to love 10mm - Size doesn’t matter’.
  • Mark Latham, ‘How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy painting -again - Love to paint’.
  • Rick Priestley, ‘This Gaming Life’.
  • Richard Clarke, ‘Up front’.
  • Sam Mustafa, ‘It’s just a game - Going to lengths’.
  • Gary Mitchell, ‘The irregular - Is the wargames convention dying?’.
  • Miniature reviews
  • Game Reviews of Blood on the Nile, Blood on the Streets, Sangin Despatches No2, Across the Dead Earth, and Sons of Anarchy’.
  • Book reviews
  • Parting Shots
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Additional Info
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Customer Reviews (2)
Very well done on a subject that doesn't get as much press
Images and illustrations
Overall rate
I thought it was one of the better issues I have seen. Look forward to the next issue. Review by Jason Weiser (Posted on 3/9/2015)
General Review of WSS Magazine
Images and illustrations
Overall rate
Until the day my issue of WSS arrives, I feel like I'm in a cultural desert, drifting away from the hobby. This issue, as almost always from WSS, pulled me back. It's intelligent, with good quality imagery and high quality content. The other magazines fall short in comparison.

I'm still not sold on the themed issue concept, almost always that is the section I skip over. Military history is vast, and even if you have a range of interests as I do, it's still quite unlikely that any theme will match your specific interests. Fortunately, there is always enough other content of high quality.

WSS majors on two areas in particular: (1) there are always painting articles, often more than one; (2) there are usually discussions, playtests or reviews on rules and mechanisms. Combine that with good product reviews and an excellent set of regular contributors (Mr. Priestley and Mr. Clarke get special mention here) and this is why I enjoy the magazine.

Is it perfect? Of course not. The photography is very good, but the cover image never does justice to the professional painting skills of the diorama painter, which always seems a shame (really a minor complaint, but I used to work in photography so I can't help myself). And I'm starting to think there is now too many painting articles, because they are tending to be the same. I need something more than just I used this colour, then that colour, then that colour. And regarding the product reviews, the best thing about these are the product photographs and layout, but the words themselves are fairly useless and uninformative.

But overall, it is IMHO the best quality wargame magazine around, and the only one that meets my minimum standard for a subscription.
Review by Mike the Strategist (Posted on 3/9/2015)
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