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GWS 2017 - 31 questions

This is the time of year when we usually start getting you all excited for the Great Wargaming Survey (don't worry, we will!), but we need to take a look back first. After all, we still owe you reports on the #GWS2017 for 2017!

Today being the last day of June, we thought of a good way to amuse ourselves, and hopefully you too, during July. We're going to challenge ourselves to write a post on last year's edition of the survey for every day in July. Moreover, we'd love for you to give us the questions.

Please post your questions below, and please keep in mind what we can and cannot answer with the results of the survey (specific rules, manufacturers, for instance, are out). Let's play 31 questions, and we'll do our utmost to win! To refresh your memory about which questions were asked and the possible answers, click here for a preview version of the #GWS2017.

3 thoughts on “GWS 2017 - 31 questions”

  • James Manto

    1. Is the hobby really greying?
    2. How many women participate?
    3. Is the hobby mostly middle aged white men?
    4. Historical vs. Fantasy/SF? Are historical a niche within a niche?
    5. Scenario vs. Tournament style games: which is more popular?

  • Jon Yuengling
    Jon Yuengling July 2, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    Are gamers using more technology with their gaming?

    Using tablets for rules
    Dice apps
    3D Printing
    Social Media

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