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GWS 2021 - Prizes

The number-crunchers are hard at work and we know you're all looking forward to seeing what they find. But surely many of you take part too because there's a ton of goodies up for raffle. Guy held a ceremony last week at Bowers Towers with lovely assistants to draw a bunch of numbers from a very large sack. If your (obfuscated) email address is listed below, expect an email from! If yours isn't here, we're sorry, but we do hope you're still looking for those results. More coming soon!

  • alexander.ra*****
  • muram*****
  • meblomqu*****
  • rodgersdavid*****
  • lewisthe*****
  • paul.kingti*****
  • hakud*****
  • fred.hans*****
  • wrus*****
  • s_p_kel*****
  • j.r.c.mcmil*****
  • tomwal*****
  • jul*****
  • radoslawra******
  • steinfinnol*******
  • je*******
  • j.sommerl*******.de
  • pen-g*******
  • geoffd*******
  • marek.ju*******pl
  • david.perez.jav*******
  • dann*******
  • ldk*******
  • pemsi*******
  • kev*******
  • Paul.Fle*******.at
  • hensc*******
  • glgre*******
  • kaz*******
  • cjcoulter2*******
  • Jochen_Bie*******.de
  • digitsda*******com
  • bloops1*******
  • Williampt2*******
  • marcus.bert*******

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