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  • 2019 GWS - The Battle of the Bulge or “OK, Boomer”

    In Jasper’s GWS 2019 - The Basics, post, he brings attention to ‘age pyramid’ attributes present in the 2019 data. This ‘age bubble’ or bulge... Read more
  • 2019 GWS - the Basics

    Over the last few months Jon Freitag and Miles Reidy have taken time out of their busy schedules to start the proper analysis of this... Read more
  • 2019: Prizes

    A few quick points of order today. First, I've already seen some very interesting results from this year's survey, but we're still brainstorming about how... Read more
  • 2018 report: Miles Reidy blogs about the GWS

    We really appreciate everyone who helps share the news of the Great Wargaming Survey far and wide. Thank you all, keep it up, cause sharing... Read more
  • 2018 report: Discussing the survey with The Veteran Wargamer

    Jay Arnold, of The Veteran Wargamer Podcast, interviewed Jasper about the GWS of 2018 and plans for the current edition. You can listen to the... Read more
  • 2018 report: Is that some grey hair I see?

    While most of Western Europe is sweltering from a record heat wave, the gang still found time to sit down and record a podcast to... Read more
  • 2018 report: how much do we spend?

    How much do we spend on our favourite hobby? Whether you consider it a lot, or not, THIS is what the respondents to the Great... Read more
  • Reporting begins!

    I know it's been quiet on the Great Wargaming Survey front since the last one closed. Fear not, in this case that's good news. Providing... Read more
  • The survey that was

    I've just updated the redirects from the Great Wargaming Survey domains back to this blog section. The Great Wargaming Survey 2018 is over. Thank you... Read more
  • The Great Wargaming Survey 2018!

    Take the Great Wargaming Survey 2018 now, learn about wargaming and your fellow wargamers, have a chance to win some prizes ánd get a discount... Read more

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