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Great Wargaming Survey blog

  • GWS 2017 12/31 questions – We love History!

    After yesterday's look at SciFant-setting lovers among the respondents, it's inevitable we look at the 1747 respondents who consider themselves strongly historical gamers. Incidentally, that... Read more
  • GWS 2017 11/31 questions – We love SciFant

    Since 2016, we've asked respondents to indicate on a sliding scale (0-6) whether they consider themselves more a historical wargamer (0) or more of a... Read more
  • GWS 2017 10/31 questions – Waterloo wargamers

    Big battle Napoleonics If you're interested in Napoleonics, you'll probably have noticed Professor Tony Pollard's project 'Mother of all battles' a.k.a. 'The Great Game Replayed... Read more
  • GWS 2017 9/31 questions – A lifelong hobby?

    How long have you been a wargamer? I just got back from a trip and there was an almighty amount of work waiting for me... Read more
  • GWS 2017 8/31 questions - Wargaming is 'awsum!' vs 'meh'

    Superfans and the less enthusiastic One question in our survey looks at the future of the hobby for the responding wargamer. Is an end in... Read more
  • GWS 2017 7/31 questions - Scenarios and tournaments

    Scenarios versus tournaments One of the questions posted to the initial blog in this series asked about scenario and tournament games, and which is more... Read more
  • GWS 2017 6/31 questions - the UK vs Germany

    German wargamers compared to Brits Last Monday, July 2nd, we noticed that German wargamers - as far as they'd taken the Great Wargaming Survey 2017... Read more
  • GWS 2017 – 5/31 questions

    Game preferences for women Yesterday we showed to what degree women's preferences differ from men's where it comes to enjoying their wargaming from a hobby... Read more
  • GWS 2017 – 4/31 questions

    Happy 4th of July! Men and women in the Great Wargaming Survey 2017 Let's be honest - we've never had very many responses from female... Read more
  • GWS 2017 – 3/31 questions

    Are wargamers getting older? Let's have a look at the ever popular 'is the hobby greying' question. Caveat/disclaimer first - any kind of answer to... Read more

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