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Great Wargaming Survey blog

  • GWS 2017 – 5/31 questions

    Game preferences for women Yesterday we showed to what degree women's preferences differ from men's where it comes to enjoying their wargaming from a hobby... Read more
  • GWS 2017 – 4/31 questions

    Happy 4th of July! Men and women in the Great Wargaming Survey 2017 Let's be honest - we've never had very many responses from female... Read more
  • GWS 2017 – 3/31 questions

    Are wargamers getting older? Let's have a look at the ever popular 'is the hobby greying' question. Caveat/disclaimer first - any kind of answer to... Read more
  • GWS 2017 – 2/31 questions

    How old were they? Below is the overall division of age groups. We'll compare these responses to previous editions tomorrow. Today, we'll split them out... Read more
  • GWS 2017 – 1/31 questions

    Where did they come from? Forgive us if we start our challenge slowly, but we need to start with the basics anyway. Moreover, it was... Read more
  • GWS 2017 - 31 questions

    This is the time of year when we usually start getting you all excited for the Great Wargaming Survey (don't worry, we will!), but we... Read more
  • The Great Wargaming Survey 2017 - The Winners!

    Everyone who entered this year’s Great Wargaming Survey had the opportunity to enter our prize draw. 7170 respondees chose to do so. We have only 18... Read more
  • GWS 2017 - time to tally!

    This year's Great Wargaming Survey (GWS) is in the pocket. Going by the number of respondents, it's the 2nd best edition ever with 8655 responses... Read more
  • GWS 2017 - Intermediate update

    We're just under two weeks into the 2017 Great Wargaming Survey (if you haven't yet, take the survey now!) and with over 6000 responses so... Read more
  • UK wargamers according to the 2016 GWS

    It has been pointed out to me recently that I neglected to report on British wargamers. Tsk, tsk! Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! How could... Read more

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