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  • The Great Wargaming Survey Results!

    Earlier this week, the Great Wargaming Survey 2015 ended after 35 days. All in all we got 8173 responses [WOW! Thank you so much to... Read more
  • Great Wargaming Survey - intermediate update

    With nearly two weeks to go on the Great Wargaming Survey, we’ve had nearly as many responses as last year (currently 7300, last year 7759... Read more
  • The Great Wargaming Survey 2015

    After last year’s resounding success with the Great Wargaming Survey 2014, we decided to provide a follow-up. After all, some questions can only be answered... Read more
  • The Great Wargaming Survey 2014

    Last year’s Great Wargaming Survey was a great success as far as we’re concerned. Yes, there were certainly things we could’ve done better, but the... Read more
  • The Great Wargaming Survey – Roundup

    Once the Great Wargaming Survey was over, we published several articles online, together with the larger, general overview of responses published in WSS issue 75 ... Read more
  • Comparative comparisons

    Last Saturday Jonathan Reinhart of Wargaming Recon interviewed me , drawn by the allure of the Great Wargaming Survey. Whether I made any sense, you can... Read more
  • More bias - a short update

    On Warseer , a perceptive poster noted that a high percentage of respondents indicated that researching military history was important to them. That, to him... Read more
  • I’m biased. No, I’m biased!

    (title with apologies to Spartacus) Pretty much from the start of this survey (results part 1, part 2, part 3, part 5, part 6), there... Read more
  • The popular kids… (survey results pt3)

    In part 1 and part 2 of the initial survey reports, we revealed some results about wargamers and their preferences in the hobby as a whole... Read more
  • Painting and Playing (survey results part 2)

    At the request of Guy Bowers, editor of this august magazine, I was reading an article submission by one of our regular Irregulars. It dealt... Read more

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