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WSS Online posts

  • Issue 118 - The Battle of Calatafimi

    Statistically, the ‘Sicilian defense’ is a very successful opening for Black in chess. Unfortunately for the Bourbon Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Giuseppe Garibaldi proved... Read more
  • Issue 117 - The Battle of Pelusium

    Issue 117 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is themed around the wars of the Achaemenid Persian empire. Cambyses had famously added Egypt to the empire... Read more
  • Issue 117 - A printable Persian shieldwall

    One of the features of the Achaemenid Persian armies is their tall rectangular pavise-style wicker shields that we call spara. The troops that carried these... Read more
  • Issue 116 - Massed light cavalry

    In issue 116 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, we take a look at reconnaissance through the ages. For our online article, we figured we just... Read more
  • Issue 115 - Things that make you go 'Mooh!'

    In WSS 115, we turn our eye to the innovations that were introduced during the American Civil War. By 1864, the war in the east... Read more
  • Issue 114 - If you go out in the woods today...

    In WSS 114, we look at the feline favourites of World War 2, the German 'big cats'. In this online article, Eoghan Kelly describes what... Read more
  • Issue 113 - The Battle of Bysjön, 22 December 1644

    In WSS 113, we look at the history of a 1000-odd years of warfare in Norway. Much of that time was spent fighting its Scandinavian... Read more
  • Issue 112 - The Siege of Toulouse (1218)

    WSS 112 deals with a variety of Medieval Crusades and Holy Wars, in the Middle East of course, but in Scandinavia and southern France as... Read more
  • Issue 111 - the Battle of An Loc (1972)

    WS&S issue 111 looks at the wars in Vietnam from the French attempts to maintain its colonies in Southeast Asia through the American involvement in... Read more
  • Issue 110 - 1777 at sea

    After Trenton and Princeton, the winter war of 1777 ground down to a series of skirmishes about supplies. But while the issue focuses on the... Read more

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