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Issue 74 - Black Sails and Hail Caesar

In issue 74 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, you’ll find Matt Moran’s guidelines for recreating the Trojan War using Classical Greeks. While he normally uses Hordes of the Things as his chosen ruleset, he’s also provided lists for Hail Caesar, if you prefer that for your ancient battles.

Since we ran out of room for this list in our normal paper magazine, you can download his suggestions here.

2 thoughts on “Issue 74 - Black Sails and Hail Caesar”

  • Mark Ryan

    The Hail Caeser list seems to be only partially available. The PDF only shows the Greek heroes and units. Is there another page for the Trojans and allies?

    • Guy Bowers

      The Greek lists that we were provided with were sketchy at best. Yes, it is only one side for Hail Caesar. As the article says the Trojans in Homer are not in as much detail as the Greeks, so they are much more difficult to quantify. I would recommend reading the article in WS&S 74, which gives some more detail and the thoughts of the author.

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