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Issue 76 - IHMN Martian invasion: The resistance

Issue 76 of Wargames, Soldies & Strategy features a small expansion for In Her Majesty’s Name, which allows games that recreate a Martian invasion, H.G. Wells-style. As it happened, we couldn’t cover all of the extra rules in just our paper magazine, so we focused there on the Martians and their technology. In this web article, you can find additional equipment and stats for both the human resistance forces and those traitors who choose to collaborate with the alien invaders.

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3 thoughts on “Issue 76 - IHMN Martian invasion: The resistance”

  • Steve Zaporowski
    Steve Zaporowski February 5, 2020 at 8:36 am

    Hello, great magazine and content! Question - where is the article associated to this post??? It appears missing, and I'd be interested to read it as I purchased your magazine covering the Martians side! (Issue 76 - IHMN Martian invasion: The resistance).

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