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Issue 86 - The Battle of Katzbach

Couldn’t get enough of all the Napoleonic Russian action in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 86? Or perhaps you’d like a little teaser of the magazine’s contents? Whatever the case, you’re in luck, as our extra content for this issue provides a scenario for the 1812 Battle of Katzbach, fought between French and Russian forces during a thunderstorm! Can’t get more dramatic than that.

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One thought on “Issue 86 - The Battle of Katzbach”

  • Stephen King

    Thanks for the great pdf's. Lots of good stuff to read and lots of good ideas for future games.
    I discovered your magazine in 2013 in W.H. Smiths in Maidstone, England. That was a wonderful day. I now subscribe to the magazine, because I live in the USA, and getting to Smiths every couple of months is a tad tricky. I enjoy the magazine and read all of it, the delivery every two months is eagerly awaited.
    Keep up the good work, you are a breath of fresh air to our great wargaming hobby.
    Can't wait for issue 93.

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