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  • Issue 83 - Bac Ky

    Ultra-modern wargaming is a difficult genre, not only because we often feel uncomfortable reenacting fighting (and killing) that may still be going on, but also... Read more
  • Issue 83 - Whiskey on the Rocks

    Issue 83 includes an article concerning a Cold War incident between the Swedes and the Russians. When a Soviet ‘whisky-class’ submarine ran aground in Sweden... Read more
  • Issue 82 - Rommel's tea

    Issue 82 of WS&S focuses on WWII in the desert. While we’ve already provided a variety of scenarios for the British, Germans and Italians, we couldn’t resist... Read more
  • Issue 81 - The Italian Wars are fun

    If you enjoyed our coverage of Condotteri and the Italian Wars in issue 81 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, be sure to check out this... Read more
  • Issue 81 - Fornovo ORBAT

    The 1495 Battle of Fornovo was big, complicated and chaotic. In issue 81 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, we do our best to untangle it... Read more
  • Issue 80 - Roma Victrix

    For issue 80’s special online feature, we decided to provide you with some extra historical meat, courtesy of the late Allen Curtis, who really knew... Read more
  • Issue 66 - Hail Agrippa!

    Hail Agrippa! is an adaption of the Hail Caesar! ruleset by Mark Backhouse. It can be used to quickly and simply recreate naval combat in... Read more
  • Issue 79 - Uprising in the Vendée

    In issue 79 of WS&S, we gave limited coverage to the uprising in the Vendée region of France during the late 18th century. This bloody... Read more
  • Issue 78 - The road to Agincourt

    If you’ve had a look at issue 78 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, you’ve no doubt seen that the theme is focused on the Hundred... Read more
  • Issue 78 - RIB Raider cards

    One of the articles in issue 78 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is an exciting what-if scenario for the Cold War. Suppose the British and... Read more

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