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  • Issue 71 - Whitechapel Gun Club

    Issue 71 of Ws&S feature an article by Richard Lloyd on his short, simple and effective rules for Victorian Steampunk skirmish gaming. The entire basic ruleset... Read more
  • Issue 70 - Paraetacene

    The theme of issue 70 focuses on the wars between the ancient Successor Kingdoms. There are ideas for a variety of rulesets and scales… in... Read more
  • Issue 70 - terrain matters

    It has been said that ‘faces, bases and flags’ make miniatures look good and there is much truth in that. But to make a great... Read more
  • Issue 69 - LRDG Playing cards

    In issue 69 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, Bruce Murray described an interesting random encounter type game that pits the famous Long Range Desert Group... Read more
  • Issue 68 - Replaying the Battle of Leipzig

    In issue 68 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, Roger Murrow wrote an introduction to our theme on ‘The Battle of the Nations’. Besides covering some... Read more
  • Castle construction

    The Ninja demo game was always going to be a ‘Guy and Christy show’. I certainly appreciate the Samurai aesthetic, but I wasn’t terribly interested... Read more
  • Wrath of Heaven Extras

    In issue 67 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy , we offer rules for a Japanese Feudal adaptation of Muskets & Tomahawks called Wrath of Heaven... Read more
  • Issue 56 - ACW 28mm figure review

    Issues 56 and 66 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy both have themes related to the ACW period. In 56, we took a look at all... Read more
  • Painting to play?

    Rick Priestley’s column in WSS 65 got tongues wagging on Big Lee’s blog as well as on our Facebook page. Opinions seem to be sharply... Read more
  • Issue 60 - Geronimo! A game for American airborne forces

    I have read a lot of accounts of the D-Day landings and particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the American airborne landings. Dropping out of the... Read more

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