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WSS Online posts

  • Issue 67 - Wrath of Heaven Extras

    In issue 67 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy , we offer rules for a Japanese Feudal adaptation of Muskets & Tomahawks called Wrath of Heaven... Read more
  • Issue 56 - ACW 28mm figure review

    Issues 56 and 66 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy both have themes related to the ACW period. In 56, we took a look at all... Read more
  • Painting to play?

    Rick Priestley’s column in WSS 65 got tongues wagging on Big Lee’s blog as well as on our Facebook page. Opinions seem to be sharply... Read more
  • Issue 60 - Geronimo! A game for American airborne forces

    I have read a lot of accounts of the D-Day landings and particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the American airborne landings. Dropping out of the... Read more
  • Issue 57 - Black Powder Indian Mutiny Article

    This article was originally published in WSS 57. It provides historical background, game suggestions and unit lists for playing the Indian Mutiny with Black Powder... Read more
  • Issue 56 - Ramming speed - custom naval rules

    Originally designed for the WAB supplement Siege & Conquest but never used, these rules by editor Guy Bowers allow you to include a number of... Read more
  • Issue 54 - Painting the Glorious Revolution

    Continuing the theme from issue 54, this article explores painting techniques and ideas for figures from the Glorious Revolution. This article includes nicely illustrated step-by-step... Read more
  • Issue 49 - Operation Sea Lion Rules

    These rules were meant to accompany the scenarios and maps from issue 49 of the old Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy with a theme based around... Read more

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