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1-48 Tactic Expansion Cards

It's always great when a Kickstarter delivers, isn't it?

Last week these landed on my doormat. I've never been into tabletop card gaming, like Magic: The Gathering or its ilk, but this is an expansion Kickstarter from Baueda Wargames for 1-48 Tactic, a game I enjoy.

A selection of the new cards

1-48 Tactic (a reimagining of 1-48 Combat) is a super-small-scale skirmish game which plays ridiculously swiftly (I've played two games within an hour before) because at its core it's designed for fire-team level encounters, with each player usually controlling just four to six men. Each of the men is named as a character and represented by a stat card, which is unique. It enables and encourages the player to really buy into a narrative, however briefly.

A sample of one of the new 'generic' private soldier cards looks like, with the 'wounded' reverse view (red) on the right.

The kickstarter is part of the game's expansion plans. With plans to make more of their characterful 1-48 scale models for the existing and new factions, but fully aware of how long a process this is, Baueda had the great idea of designing and releasing more of the cards in order to both spread the player base and gauge interest. The team fully realises that many players are keen to play with their existing 28mm figures, and this way the game rules can grow faster than their range of models - clever.

Equipment upgrades for players' characters

The cards came in sealed packs, with a mix of generic trooper cards, some unique NCOs, equipment upgrades and situational upgrades (there's doubtless a better term for them) and of course there were some Kickstarter 'freebies' thrown in too.

Well, I photographed these the wrong way round, but players can increase or decrease the points cost of their characters using these. The 'buff' is on one side; the 'nerf' on the other.

These are the reverse of the corresponding cards above.

They're for the US 'Big Red One', and supplement the extant range of US 101st Airborne, in opposition to the German Heer and Fallschirmjäger, and I look forward to experimenting with them before too long!

The Kickstarter 'freebies'

NB: 1-48 Tactic rules are available for larger scale scraps, support weapons and vehicles too, with their "Achtung Panzer!" expansion.


2 thoughts on “1-48 Tactic Expansion Cards”

  • Donald S Tseng
    Donald S Tseng June 5, 2021 at 10:47 am

    I missed out on the kickstarter; any chance you can post some reverse red side shots of the card stats so my gaming group can play beyond the 8 character cards on the website? I know the cards are supposed to come out July but it is hard to wait on this great game.

    • Chris King

      Dear Donald,

      Thanks for swinging by. I suspect they'd get a little cross with WS&S if I started sharing too much of their content(!), but I should note there are some very supportive Facebook groups for 1-48 Tactic: you might try your luck there...

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