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A Saga Begins...

Unpainted vikingsIt has been some time now since the WSS team was present at Salute. It was a very busy weekend, but we had a lot of fun and saw some very cool stuff. And amidst all the happy chaos an idea for a new blog was born, a blog about a newbie’s journey into wargaming.

My colleagues here at Karwansaray HQ have been pushing me for quite some time to pick up wargaming and I resisted bravely.

Nevertheless, the pressure was too much when I visited Salute for the first time this year. I have some experience with wargaming, mainly Warhammer 40.000 (mostly the PC games), the Dungeons and Dragons skirmish game, and a couple rounds of our Black Powder game at Crisis 2012. Though I never got around to actually starting the hobby, this because I just do not have enough time for everything I like to do.

Discussing the endless possibilities with Guy, Jasper, and Christy; I came to the conclusion that my personal interest for Vikings was best suited for SAGA. The fact that you don’t need a lot of miniatures and the games are relatively fast really appealed to me. So you might understand that I was really excited when Guy supplied me with some Vikings by Wargames Foundry and couldn’t wait to get started.

However, before I ever could get started I needed some supplies, so I dropped by my local wargaming shop, Moenen & Mariken. I got some very good advice on what basic supplies I would need and I also got some quick tips on painting. Eventually, I picked up some black Citadel primer and a citadel base pack, leaving the paints and brushes for later (and not to spend all my pocket money at once). Yet, I could not help myself and several days later I went back for the rest of my supplies.

First attempt at an imperial RomanWith all the basic gear bought I then set to work removing the mould lines and sticking my brave warriors to their bases. At this stage they are ready for primer, however, before I start painting my Viking horde I wanted something to practice on first. I then remembered a Roman Legionary miniature I got as a freebee from the Warlord lads at Crisis 2012. Below, the result of my first ever painted miniature. What do you all think; do I have it in me to paint a decent looking Viking army?

Next time I am going to tackle basing my miniatures and I might even have some time to paint a Viking or two.

If you have any tips for me, or you think I forgot other essential supplies, please let me know!

All the best,


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