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Back to gaming.

It's been quite a while since my last personal blog. I was away in Poland for two weeks in July (yep, you can guess what some future blogs will be about!) and celebrated my 49th birthday. Added to that, I've also had the latest edition of the magazine to finish. Now that that's all done, I can plan the next WS&S and maybe some more hobby 'stuff'.

It's a STUG life...

So what have I been up to recently hobby wise? A lot of World War 2 gaming, namely with Bolt Action. Both at the Acorn Centre and the South Devon Games Club, there are a growing number of Bolt Action players and plenty more who are showing a keen interest in taking up World War 2 gaming.

One or two Panthers can really ruin your day...

After quite a few excellent games, I've encountered two specific types of players; the historical gamer (like me), who tries to build units close to Orders of Battle and the 'list maximiser' whose armies are fine-tuned for 'maximum awesomeness'. Having the fully kitted up odd engineer team appear from transport vehicle has certainly been a surprise (although not if they appear in every game).

So the Britishers are taking a Bren Wasp. That's it, break out the assault rifles and double the MG42's!

Don't get me wrong, I can 'uber' my lists too. Better still, defeat them with my 'nice' historical army. It has left me, however, feeling like I want a cleaner period to play, without panzerfausts, 'cats' or IS2's. Thus I am considering returning to the desert, my first WW2 gaming period.

Keep firing chaps, I'll put a brew on...

I had a collection of 20mm Desert War but that has gone now. I have some in 28mm but haven't gotten round to painting them. I guess now's the time to break open those Perry Afrika Korps...

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