Gaming - the great stress reliever.

My life has been very stressful lately. I help take care of my mother, and she has been seriously ill. On top of that, I have my sister temporarily living with me. This has meant I've had to clear out my entire hobby room and move the entire contents to a room half its size.

Wednesday last (August 1st), I wasn't feeling at all like gaming. I'd had a hard day and could physically feel the stress on my shoulders. However, I'd agreed to give my friend Chris K (aka Admiral Drax) a game. Chris is such a genuinely nice guy and fun to play, this was not an opportunity to turn up. I'd even persuaded him to give Beyond the Gates of Antares a try...

Chris chose a Concord C3 force while I opted for the lower tech (but cool!) Algoryn. We had some nice Sarissa terrain to add to some of the club's scenery, and a Cigar Box battle mat. What was just a straight up elimination battle, soon turned into a fight for the Algoryn drop pod syphoning power from the Boromite mining vent.

Despite his lack of expertise with Antares, Chris soon got the hang of the game and started beating me! With the drop pod securely in his hands and my main vehicles destroyed, I shook his hand and claimed him the victor.

This Wednesday just gone (the 8th), I managed to get a game of Bolt Action with Ben, who was eager to try out his nicely painted US Paras. We played scenario 8, Manhunt. I had to capture his commander. The game turned into a 'Benny Hill'-style chase for his commander. Had he concntrated on wiping out my infantry squads (the only thing capable of taking his commander), the game would have been his. Even so, it was very close.

There is a moral to this story. While I was playing, I'd forgotten my worries, and when I had to return to the real world, I felt a lot less stressed. I'd enjoyed myself, even though I'd had to almost drag myself out of the house. So gaming with good opponents is definitely helpful when it comes to lowering your stress levels.


2 thoughts on “Gaming - the great stress reliever.”

  • John Sharman

    Guy, you are absolutely right in what you say regarding gaming being a good form of relief from the everyday stresses of life. I rarely miss a day when I am not painting figures or playing a game which over the years has kept me much more sane than othewise would have been the case! My big tip is to have a permanent paint station easy to hand so you can get straight in the hobbying as having to get stuff out of cupboards to set up is a barrier to getting started meaning that often you could not be bothered.

  • Lee Hadley

    Wholeheartedly agree Guy. During a game the rest of the world and its worries fade away. Our hobby is very social (especially if you play as part of a club or a group of friends) and I find that a good game with plenty of laughter can always help lift the spirits. But the main thing I love about our wacky hobby is that it is so diverse its possible to find distraction from reality far beyond the games table. Like john I have a permanent painting station set up and can usually sneak 15 minutes brush time even on a busy day. And if all else fails I follow a lot of blogs and magazines, so I always have something new to read on my phone or tablet, even if its just a five minute break. Life can be a bit sh*t sometimes and these little 'diversions from reality' really can make a huge difference. I guess the same could be said for any hobby but I like my diversions to involve dice, toy soldiers and lots of friendly banter.

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