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HMS Rutherford - 1:350 'Captain Class' Frigate

Last month, I talked through my process of building and slightly converting a Trumpeter 1:350 USS England kit to make the Royal Navy lend-lease frigate HMS Rutherford (K558), and that process can be seen here.

Today, I'm delighted to note that she's pretty much done:

I chose HMS Rutherford for two reasons: firstly because she shares a name with a good friend of mine who's always been decidedly grumpy about my wargaming hobby (the flattery worked! - he's now significantly more indulgent), and secondly because she was in the right theatre at the right time: the English Channel and North Sea coast during 1944-45.

 She was also used as a Coastal Forces Control Frigate (CFCF) in the second half of '44, which means she was liaising with and directly supporting the Motor Torpedo Boats around this same theatre - absolutely perfect for my Cruel Seas force of Royal Naval vessels.

In terms of her painting and camouflage, the only photo I could find of HMS Rutherford appears to show her in her US-applied scheme, which would've been changed when she was refitted in Belfast for Royal Navy specs, so - taking inspiration from Malcolm Wright's comprehensive British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII - Vol. I (Pen and Sword) - I found what I think is the most likely pattern for her paint scheme....

...And it was really dull (just a horizontal band the full length of the hull), so I took a wargamer's liberty, and mixed the colour palette of one with the more interesting pattern of another.

They were both of the same class and operating in the same theatre, so I don't think it was too much of a leap to make. Sometimes, for want of actual evidence, we have to take educated guesses. And models should look cool.

The colours are my approximation of MS2 Mid-olive and Western Approaches blue, and I went for a dark grey deck, which seemed fairly widespread.

I had to improvise the pennant number, so any fans of both WW2 German fighting vehicles and fonts out there might notice that the numbers seem familiar - they're decals from a 1/56 Hanomag kit; the 'K' had to be drawn on with a micro-fine pen by hand.

A final detail - her 'waterline' base is studded with magnets for storage and transport purposes (the mast detaches, rather pleasingly, which is a great design feature):

2 thoughts on “HMS Rutherford - 1:350 'Captain Class' Frigate”

  • Malcolm George Wright
    Malcolm George Wright May 24, 2020 at 1:54 pm

    That is a very nice model. Very clean looking paintwork. But hey! There had to have been at least a teeny weeny bit of rust somewhere! :-) :-)

    • Chris King

      Thank you, Malcolm.

      There will be rust and wear applied in the future, but I'm going to be doing this to each of my larger vessels at the same time as a batch, so yes: at the moment she is, I'm afraid, VERY freshly painted. This is still a relatively new genre of gaming for me, so I need to hone my ideas on smaller vessels first.

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