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  • WSS podcast episode 43: ‘Lead or plastic'

    To some, one of the more surprising results from the Great Wargaming Survey was the preference for plastic miniatures over the metal variety. Reason enough... Read more
  • Rubicon Models Panzer III build notes

    This is the relatively new Panzer III from Rubicon Models, and it's a beauty. The main constituent parts of this model are not yet glued... Read more
  • Pavlov's House Build - Part 2

    'Pavlov' - does that ring a bell? A couple of months ago I finished making a small part of the famous 'Pavlov's House' in kit... Read more
  • Western Desert Campaign Day

    We're still limited here with our social mixing - and quite rightly too - but a few of us got together last week for a... Read more
  • Our Four Emperors campaign - down but not out...

    The current Pandemic has put paid to some of our more lofty ambitions, one of which was the Four Emperors campaign we started back in... Read more
  • A Taste of Honeys

    Back in the summer, my lovely friend Sam in the US was kind enough to send this trio of tanks my way - they're the... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 43: 'Top of the pops', or results from the GWS 2020

    In this episode, Angus, Guy and Jasper run through the news, recent projects, and some initial results from the Great Wargaming Survey 2020. Read more
  • Hereward wargames show 2020

    It was a delight to visit the virtual Hereward Wargames Show held on 6th September. Mike Whittaker, from Peterborough Wargames Club had done a great job... Read more
  • Getting back into gaming.

    Hello gaming, my old friend. I've missed you. I'm slowly returning to tabletop wargaming after several long months, which is probably the longest I've not... Read more
  • 1-48 Tactic Expansion Cards

    It's always great when a Kickstarter delivers, isn't it? Last week these landed on my doormat. I've never been into tabletop card gaming, like Magic... Read more

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