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  • WSS podcast episode 34: Crisis and Clogs

    In this episode, Guy goes over the latest arrivals at WSS HQ and reports on his pressing the flesh at the Crisis and Warfare shows... Read more
  • Making masts

    I've been musing for a while now about making my own masts for Black Seas. A friend of mine printed out some 1/700 scale ships... Read more
  • Remembering Stuart Asquith

    I was saddened to learn today, courtesy of Henry Hyde,  that Stuart Asquith had passed away last night. Stuart Asquith (Courtesy of Henry Hyde) Stuart... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 33: Ask the editor - live!

    As an experiment, we're recording an episode of the WSS podcast live! Follow along (as well as the results) here: Read more
  • Too many Brigs? Part 2

    In my last blog, I discussed the possible conversion possibilities of the Warlord Games Black Seas plastic Brig. If you've bought the boxed set, received... Read more
  • Frigate action off Spain, 1781 – pt.2

    (part 1) As an exercise in historical research, there's probably a lot that could be dug up about this relatively small battle. I know that... Read more
  • Frigate action off Spain, 1781 - pt.1

    The next issue of WSS has an article about the Battle of Cape Santa Maria. That reminded me of a battle off that same Cape... Read more
  • Too many Brigs?

    Now that Black Seas is soon to be released, I've been wondering what to do with the humble Brig. You get six in the box... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 32: terrain in wargaming

    In a somewhat chaotic episode, Angus, Guy, Jasper, and Mark discuss the role of terrain in wargming, and specifically that of bridges. Our discussion was... Read more
  • Hello my old friend...

    My local Wednesday-night club has had a bit of an ancients revival, spurred on by Warlord Games' SPQR. Several units of Romans and Celts have... Read more

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