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  • The Origins of Rapid Fire (part 2)

    In this blog, I'm looking at the similarities between Rapid Fire (RF) and an earlier rule set called Modern War Games (MWG). I'd heard rumours but I plan to... Read more
  • The Origins of Rapid Fire

    This week at my local Wednesday night games club, my usual opponent Mal and I dusted off a copy of Rapid Fire and gave it a... Read more
  • Scrappers Review

    Scrappers Review by Rossco Watkins Scrappers is a game set in a post-apocalyptic future where resources are few and are contested fiercely by rival factions... Read more
  • Ham and Jam (Part 2)

    As part of our Normandy travels, Emma and I visited as many of the historical sites as we could pack into our two (and a bit... Read more
  • 57mm Antitank Gun and Jeep

    Empress Miniatures is releasing more models for their WW2 US Army range. These include a 57mm Antitank Gun, Batallion command and a Jeep. Their first German... Read more
  • DFS 230 Glider

    Following on from the Horsa Glider for the British, Sarissa Precision are releasing a DFS 230 Assault Glider for the German Fallshirmjager. For more information, click... Read more
  • Mark 3 Armadillo

    Warlord Games have announced their first Operation Sea Lion releases. The Mark 3 Armadillo was armed with an LMG and some versions with a 37mm gun. For... Read more
  • Ham and Jam (part 1)

    For the May bank holiday weekend, I took my girlfriend Emma to Normandy. Thankfully, she is quite the history buff and loves visiting historic sites... Read more
  • An apology - Inaccuracies in the Pickett's Charge review

    Games reviews in a wargaming magazine must be objective, accurate and based on at least several playthroughs of the game in question. To do anything... Read more
  • WS&S Podcast 7: Salute 2017

    Wargames worldwide, or at least within reach of London, both rejoice and fear (for their wallets mostly) when april comes around. For that is the... Read more

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