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  • An apology - Inaccuracies in the Pickett's Charge review

    Games reviews in a wargaming magazine must be objective, accurate and based on at least several playthroughs of the game in question. To do anything... Read more
  • WS&S Podcast 7: Salute 2017

    Wargames worldwide, or at least within reach of London, both rejoice and fear (for their wallets mostly) when april comes around. For that is the... Read more
  • 'To Kill a King' review

    Warlord Games have released their latest supplement for Pike and Shotte. To Kill a King comprehensively covers the English Civil Wars of 1638 to 1659. The book starts... Read more
  • A change is as good as a rest

    There are several good games clubs within an hour's driving distance of my home. There are at least four in the Torbay area alone. I... Read more
  • Fabled Realms sneak preview

    Cad at 4Ground sent me some pictures of the new Fabled Realms miniatures. Naturally, I thought it best to share with WS&S readers and Facebook followers... Read more
  • Sappers to the front!

    This is one of those figures that makes your Napoleonic infantry unit more interesting looking. You might not need him (unless your rules allow for... Read more
  • Perry Zulu War British preview

    Following on from their British soldiers for the Afghan and Sudan campaigns (reviewed in WSS 85), the Perrys have released plastic British redcoats. The heliograph... Read more
  • WS&S Podcast 6: Bootleg Goldsworthy

    The latest Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast is here! In issue six we cover the latest news from Peter Pig with Men of Company B... Read more
  • A visit to MDF wonderland

    There is a fairly large warehouse near Sutton Veny. I visited this strange place last week which emanates the distinct smell of burnt wood and... Read more
  • Tins and cans beware!

    Forget your dollar-store or fancy automatic can opening device. Those are puny, and this is clearly a case of bigger = better. Or to paraphrase... Read more

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