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  • My game for Poldercon 2018 - Black Ops WW2

    PolderCon is an excellent Dutch wargames convention held every year in the city of Utrecht. So far, I've been invited every time to run a game... Read more
  • Prepping for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and PolderCon

    Like Guy, I too have signed up for this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. Guy has already explained how the Challenge works, so that saves me... Read more
  • Gearing up for the Analogue Painting Challenge

    It is almost time for the 8th Analog Painting Challenge. For those not familiar with the Challenge, the concept is simple: you publicly set yourself a goal... Read more
  • Savage Core

    Savage Core Author: Jobby and Steve Saler Publisher: Lucid Eye Publications Pages: 88-page softback System: Initiative-based with D10 Price: £12 Review by Rossco Watkins Savage... Read more
  • Unboxing The Battle of Berlin

    At Warfare 2017, I purchased the shiny new Warlord Games 'Battle for Berlin' boxed set. The Battle of Berlin boxed set. It literally gives you everything... Read more
  • The WS&S Rules Challenge

    In our current issue (WS&S 93), in Parting Shots, Mark Backhouse sets out our challenge to wargamers and to lay down the gauntlet for all... Read more
  • Guilty as charged

    I recently asked my boss Jasper for feedback on my blogs. He wittily retorted that he would be surprised if anyone could still follow my... Read more
  • New Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Podcast

    We've done another podcast! This issue, we discuss the Great Wargaming Survey, the WS&S Rules Challenge and much much more! Read more
  • Clash of Eagles

    Clash of Eagles is the latest Napoleonic supplement for Black Powder. It covers Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. Written by Adrian McWalter (who wrote... Read more
  • Making cars for Mad Maximilian

    Maximilian 1934 is the new 'car wars' game from Mana Press. Set in the 1930's, it imagines a world where cars duel each other with... Read more

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