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  • AWI Updates - British Legion theme!

    Working with a large group to a common goal, and keeping eachother up to date via this blog and the Facebook group, is a great... Read more
  • Benthomiz

    In my previous blogs, I’ve spoken about the Castillos.net website, which lists the various castles and fortifications in Spain. I was looking at that site... Read more
  • Hetzers gonna hetz

    With apologies for the corny title, but it had to be done. At Salute this year, I picked up a Rubicon 1:56 Hetzer kit from The... Read more
  • Nerja

    About two months ago, between magazine deadlines, my girlfriend and I took some time off to travel to Andalucia in Spain. I’m sure most go... Read more
  • Can you write a good Irregular?

    As regular readers know, Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy is fortunate to have two regular columnists as talented as Rick Priestley and Richard Clarke. They have both... Read more
  • Assumptions can be dangerous

    Last week, I was contacted by a gent who wanted to get into wargaming and fancied giving Napoleonics a try. He asked for a few suggestions on where to... Read more
  • Château du Taureau

    Over the weekend, my girlfriend Emma and I went for a weekend excursion to Brittany, staying in the quaint and historic town of Morlaix. With... Read more
  • Converting Hussars 2

    In my last blog, I discussed converting the Warlord French Hussars into Russian Hussars. My first objective was converting the horses so they had the... Read more
  • Converting Hussars

    At Salute two weekends back, I picked up a box of the new plastic French hussars by Warlord Games. While I have more than a few hussars... Read more
  • The colour out of space

    History is easy (thanks for belittling my academic degree there Guy, JO). All the colours are provided for you on a pallete, pretty much. If... Read more

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