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  • The Naked Truth

    Or making some Greeks fighting in the 'heroic' style, just like on the vases! A word of caution, if you are at all offended by... Read more
  • A lack of poses? No problem!

    The latest plastic releases from Warlord Games have been criticised by some online for having a lack of poses. This struck me at first as an... Read more
  • Basing for Big Battle or Skirmish?

    This is a topic I struggle with every time I paint up a batch of new miniatures (yes, painting does happen, Jasper!). Do I multiple base... Read more
  • Parting Shots Painting Technique

    The alternative title for this blog is "Putting your money where your mouth is!" I wrote a small piece for Parting shots in the current issue... Read more
  • I am the Overlord!

    Every now and then, my local wargames club the South Devon Gamers, likes to play something different. For a short while now, we've been playing the... Read more
  • Army of the New City

    As regular followers of my blog will know, Jasper and I have decided to reopen our 217BC project with new-ish armies. He is collecting Ptolemaic and... Read more
  • A polymath of games...

    As the Editor of WS&S, I am fortunate to play many different games, which means learning a variety of systems. Jasper (my boss) suggested that... Read more
  • Gaming - the great stress reliever.

    My life has been very stressful lately. I help take care of my mother, and she has been seriously ill. On top of that, I... Read more
  • Update on the WS&S Rules Challenge

    Regular readers might be wondering what happened to the WS&S Rules Challenge floated by Mark Backhouse in issue 93.  We haven't forgotten about it, it's... Read more
  • My lessons learned on the Analogue Painting Challenge

    Here's an honest blog post. I failed at the Analogue Painting Challenge this last year. Sure, I managed to get some units done, had several half-finished... Read more

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