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  • The Great Militia Debate, part III: The Model Militia

    Incredibly, I’ve managed to finish a big unit of Continental infantry since my last post! Less busy-ness at work and more determination saw me accelerate... Read more
  • Playing Glory Hallelujah

    Last Friday, we played Glory Hallelujah for Black Powder, using the suggested amendments to the rules from the new expansion. Our scenario was pretty much... Read more
  • To the colors!

    Flag of the 1st PA Regiment of the Continental Line, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. With little time for painting I spend my wee free time... Read more
  • Limitations

    “A man’s got to know his limitations…” - Dirty Harry. A while ago I accepted my boss Jasper’s challenge to join in the Analogue Painting Challenge... Read more
  • April Prussian Ulhans

    On Friday April 1st, I posted a news story on a ‘new’ range of Prussian Ulhans available in plastic. Well, it was a mostly true... Read more
  • Glory Hallelujah

    Over the weekend, the postman delivered a copy of Glory Halleluja, the American Civil war supplement for Black Powder. It is by far the thickest... Read more
  • Distractions

    I have to admit that I’ve become slightly distracted from my AWI project. That’s the price you pay for being ahead of schedule. I tend... Read more
  • Swordpoint

    In my last blog, I spoke about my recent trip to Gripping Beast and getting my fanboy-hands on their upcoming Late Romans. While I was there, Martin... Read more
  • Multiple choice militia

    Jur is not the only one with an interest in the militia of the American revolution. I too find the history of these units on both... Read more
  • To the Beasts' lair

    A week or two ago, I went to ‘Beast Towers’ in darkest Evesham. I went there to take some pictures for our Norman issue, but obviously also... Read more

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