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  • The words of Goldsworthy and Jones

    It has almost become a tradition for Adrian Goldsworthy and his friend Rob Jones to hold a talk at the Crusade show, Penarth. This year... Read more
  • Poldercon 2016

    PolderCon is a Dutch wargames show which takes place on the first Sunday of February. It is held in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. For... Read more
  • Smokin' Germans

    I recently posted a link on the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Facebook page to a new kickstarter, the Empire in Peril by Unfeasibly miniatures. The majority... Read more
  • Les Invalides

    In my last blog I commented on my surprise trip to Paris to attend a gig which was cancelled. Undaunted, we made the best of... Read more
  • Saving the sculpt

    Sometimes you find a mini in the grey army that’s not as good as you’d like it to be. Some of us might just leave... Read more
  • Pere Lachaise

    My girlfriend Emma sprang a surprise on me recently. She bought tickets for us to see The Fields of the Nephlim live. Naturally, I was thrilled. She... Read more
  • Something painted at last!

    At last I have managed to paint some miniatures for the AWI project that will run in august of this year. The first and second... Read more
  • Red Storm

    The Cold War is a great ‘What if?’ wargame to play. As it never happened outside the pages of fiction, it is to my mind... Read more
  • A maker of the Annus Mirabilis

    For Britain, 1759 was an Annus Mirabilis, a miraculous year, in the Seven Years’ War. In North America, the British managed to capture for Ticonderoga, they... Read more
  • A visit from an old friend

    Earlier this week, I was visited by an old friend called Steve C. I’ve known Steve for a good number of years. We started gaming together at our... Read more

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