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  • Multiple choice militia

    Jur is not the only one with an interest in the militia of the American revolution. I too find the history of these units on both... Read more
  • To the Beasts' lair

    A week or two ago, I went to ‘Beast Towers’ in darkest Evesham. I went there to take some pictures for our Norman issue, but obviously also... Read more
  • The Great Militia Debate, part II: the militant militia

    So I finally finished my  second militia unit! There was a point I thought it might never happen, even though the minis were close to... Read more
  • Playing more Antares

    The weekend before last I was in Newark for Hammerhead 2016. On the Sunday I was offered a game of Beyond the Gates of Antares... Read more
  • Hammerhead 2016

    Last Saturday I attended Hammerhead 2016 at the Newark Showground in the UK. I’d heard good things about the show, but due to agenda clashes... Read more
  • AWI updates

    Time for another update from Jasper and Jeroen! Jasper L: Jasper told me it is time for another blog post. And a lot has happened in the meantime... Read more
  • WSS 83 Editorial

    I’m a great believer in honesty. When a mistake is made, I believe the best course of action is to put your hand up and say... Read more
  • Tarleton's boys

    Since my last blog, the discussions regarding the UK leaving the EU have intensified all over the internet and probably elsewhere too. As a gamer... Read more
  • To the sound of the guns

    In my last blog, I spoke about my attempts to paint Russian Napoleonic infantry for a Borodino game we have planned for later this year... Read more
  • Napoleonic Russian Infantry

    In my last blog, I spoke about my new project, to paint up and provide forces for a battle-of-Borodino game planned for this summer. We will... Read more

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