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  • Testing Land of the Free

    At our AWI day in august of next year, we’ll be playing a variety of battles using Muskets & Tomahawks, Black Powder and Land of the Free (LotF... Read more
  • Fighting Fantasy - what do YOU think?

    WOW! What a response to my last blog. Nearly 50 people replied on Facebook, over 5000 people reached and several offline messages. Amazing! Thank you all for... Read more
  • Fighting Fantasy

    As editor of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, I have to make decisions with my boss Jasper Oorthuys about the direction the magazine takes. We have... Read more
  • The Empire strikes

    My children are not interested in my wargames hobby. Fortunately, my figures don’t disappear to pop up in their Playmobil collection or as artefacts in... Read more
  • Frostgrave Cultists

    In my last blog I discussed my plans to run a ‘Thaw of the Lich Lord’ campaign at my local club The Brixham Berzerkers. We’ve just finished our... Read more
  • Frostgrave Sigilist

    I must be the only one who hasn’t joined the Frostgrave band-wagon yet. Obviously Guy’s all-in, trying to get his local club to come on board for... Read more
  • Frostgrave Campaign

    Things have been a little quiet at my local club the Brixham Berzerkers. I personally haven’t been able to attend due to a number of clashes (such... Read more
  • Painting mojo

    Progress had not been good since I wrote you last. But nothing helps to get you going like playing a game and seeing other people’s... Read more
  • Painting 'Palmenmuster'

    Camouflage painting videos seem to be endlessly popular. So much so that Christy’s decided to space out a bit. After all, there’s only a limited... Read more
  • Playing Antares

    On Wednesday evening we gave Gates of Antares a bash. It was probably the first Science Fiction game I’ve played in a while. I used to... Read more

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