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  • A good review

    What makes a good miniature review? To be honest, that’s still a question we are working on at Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. The main and themed... Read more
  • Smoke and Lead

    Here at Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, we try to have a comprehensive review section for both our main and the themed miniature sections. Though I sometimes... Read more
  • The deer's coming to get ya!

    Painting something out of the ordinary can be great fun in itself, even if you don’t necessarily have a purpose for them in a game... Read more
  • Hip to be square

    There is one thing I don’t understand about wargaming today. There is a growing preference of and predominance for round bases when it comes to basing models. That goes primarily... Read more
  • The first volley

    “An half hour before sunrise the Enemy came in sight, drove in our advanced posts, and as soon as they came in proper distance, our... Read more
  • Demo in a suitcase

    Traditionally Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy runs a game at the major shows we attend (Salute and Crisis). Last Saturday saw Crisis 2015 in Antwerp. We decided... Read more
  • WSS Crisis report

    As always, we had a wonderful time at the Crisis show in Antwerp. It’s a great convention for catching up with old friends, talking to... Read more
  • First world problems

    I left you just about when I was picking up my can of spray-paint to lay down a base coat for my minutemen. This was... Read more
  • WSS at Crisis!

    This Saturday is Continental Europe’s biggest (I suppose) wargaming show: Crisis, organised by the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp. Obviously, Karwansaray Publishers will be there with Wargames... Read more
  • Anything but pitched battle

    By far the most common game played in wargaming must be the ‘pitched battle’. This generally involves both sides lining up balanced forces and fighting it... Read more

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