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  • WSS podcast episode 52: My range is greater than yours

    Firing ranges on a wargaming table are a funny thing. What exactly does some distance in inches represent? It seems that every rule set has... Read more
  • Think Pink! Raising Awareness with an Unconventional KV-1/KV-2

    >>Warning: this post will not be to every wargamer's taste.<< Right. Now that's out of the way, please allow me to share what I've been... Read more
  • Prioritising Painting Projects

    Hello, Gaming Friends! Those of you who've read some of my posts for WS&S over the last year might have worked out that I often... Read more
  • Call for a medic! - repairing old WW2 minis.

    I've had my old World War Two plastic British for nine years now, since we started 'Project Platoon' back in WS&S 60. Back then, the... Read more
  • Going Clubbing (or not)

    After fifteen months of varying degrees of frustration, freedom and more frustration (and with more of both doubtless yet to come!), our local club has... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 51: Favourite games mechanics

    The May weather wasn't even that nice, so we weren't at the beach, but clearly we've managed to skip a month. Fortunately, we're early in... Read more
  • Richard's Castle - Baron Wars

    Last month, my partner and I took a long weekend off in the area of Shropshire. I particularly wanted to visit Ludlow Castle, since seeing... Read more
  • Vehicle Recovery and Field Repairs - Part 2

    In Part 1, I discussed my love of rescuing battered and unloved old toys and reconditioning them for tabletop gaming. Here, I'll discuss some of... Read more
  • Vehicle Recovery and Field Repairs - Part 1

    One of my passions in this hobby is finding unloved toys and reconditioning them for tabletop gaming use. Inevitably, this mostly involves my 28mm World... Read more
  • Converts for the French Resistance

    Wargames Atlantic have recently released their first set World War 2 set, French Resistance fighters. This excellent set has five submachine guns, three pistols, an... Read more

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