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  • From boats to hoplites

    I'm taking a break from painting ships and boats for Cruel Seas, at least for the time being. Now we are painting up Greeks to try... Read more
  • No Salute for WSS

    Salute is very early in April this year. That's probably fun in some way, but it's a very bad match for the WSS publication schedule... Read more
  • Making a Mark 2 6 pounder

    It is a sad fact that E Boats are better than Vospers. In the Cruel Seas boxed set you get ten plastic ships, four S... Read more
  • A curry night in with friends

    Gaming is good, for the mind and for the soul. Meeting friends and having fun, rolling dice and pushing lead and plastic, what could be... Read more
  • WSS Podcast 25 – Painting Challenge results and a Lard-test?

    The WSS podcast team gathers to discuss some news (it's the quiet before Salute...), Mark's Lardy-day and the dismal results (for the formal participants) of... Read more
  • Tabletop Tactics in WSS 101

    Some of the labels and features on the maps in Tabletop Tactics in WSS 101 were obscured by textboxes or otherwise absent without leave. Our... Read more
  • All at Sea

    Some games come and go while others stick with you for a lifetime. I'm not too sure of the rhyme and reason behind it, or... Read more
  • WSS Podcast 24 - PolderCon & Participation games

    Both Guy and Jasper hosted games at PolderCon earlier this month. For anyone who's visited UK Wargaming shows, the concept of participation games (and demonstration... Read more
  • To 3D or not to 3D?

    This blog article is about the world of 3D printing. It is not a subject I can profess I know a lot about, but I'm learning... Read more
  • Running Campaigns

    Over two decades ago, I ran a massive starship campaign at my local club. It involved exploration, building and, of course, space combat. The Full Thrust... Read more

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