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  • Converts for the French Resistance

    Wargames Atlantic have recently released their first set World War 2 set, French Resistance fighters. This excellent set has five submachine guns, three pistols, an... Read more
  • Kitbashing Blitzkrieg Germans and Afrika Korps

    Regular readers of my blog will know that I have a lot of fun converting plastic miniatures to see what new poses I can come... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 50: Questions from Mrs.Trellis

    As wargamers, we're basically all miniature gardeners, so the WSS team decided to handle some questions about miniature gardening and all things terrain. Listen how... Read more
  • Vote for what you'd like to see in 28mm plastic

    Wargames Atlantic has released six polls for people to vote on, so the public can decide what they'd like to see in 28mm plastic. There's... Read more
  • A new project, the Great Northern War

    I blame Michael Leck. When I read his article in WS&S 113, the Carolean Death March, I was inspired to learn more about Charles XII... Read more
  • The Wargamer's Lament by Forlorn Hope.

    Today we proudly present the release of our first (and very likely only) song produced by WSS Music Ltd: The Wargamer's Lament sung by the team... Read more
  • Painting Challenge - Final Projects Completed!

    When encouraged by the Editor back in November to take part in this winter's Analogue Hobbie Painting Challenge, I was excited at first. Then cautious... Read more
  • First look at Stargrave

    We have received a preview copy of Stargrave through the post. While we will do a full review in WS&S 114, I thought I'd give... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 49: All these newfangled things, pah!

    The team forces Guy to play an old Grognard (which he’s quite good at), and they discuss new and newish Wargaming developments, plus the news... Read more
  • US Vehicles for the Painting Challenge

    Hello! After my previous entries for the 11th Annual Analogue Painting Challenge, which has involved clearing the backlog of my 1/56 WW2 British vehicles, I've... Read more

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