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  • Fuentes de Onoro

    Last weekend, I was invited to take part in a Napoleonic Peninsular game by the Penarth and District Wargamer Society. The game and its scenario was... Read more
  • You're my Huckleberry Part 2

    In a previous blog, You’re my Huckleberry, I mentioned we’re playing a Dead Man’s Hand campaign on a Friday evening. I’d taken a US Cavalry force (ok, what amounts... Read more
  • Frostgrave Treasure

    Frostgrave, the new fantasy skirmish wargame by Osprey is out now, with some excellent looking models from North Star. Set in an abandoned frozen city... Read more
  • Age of Sigmar

    In the deep and distant past, I used to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WFB). I even had several armies, of which Brettonians were the largest... Read more
  • You're my huckleberry

    One of my local games clubs has recently started to run a Wild West campaign using the very successful Dead Man’s Hand, using the campaign rules... Read more
  • Sandskrieg

    In my recent blog on Direction, I discussed about the importance of having a goal and sticking to it. This has worked very well for me on... Read more
  • Direction

    It is always good to have a goal to work towards in wargaming - something to give you direction. Otherwise without it, you can end... Read more
  • Basing - my bane (part 2)

    A few blogs ago I started to blog about my experiences with basing. It has taken me a while to get back to the subject... Read more
  • Tinkering with Frostgrave plastics

    Winter is coming… at least to wargaming tables near you. Frostgrave is nearly here and I must admit it even has me considering a faction... Read more
  • Nothe Fort

    On my way back from a Team meeting in the Netherlands, I decided to stop off at Nothe Fort in Weymouth. I’d seen the fort... Read more

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