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  • A colourful return

    Last Saturday saw the welcome return of Colours to the wargames show circuit. The show didn’t take place in 2014 to various issue, but the show... Read more
  • Building a society of wargamers

    I know, I know, there’s very little we can reliably generalize from the Great Wargaming Survey, but I think if there’s anything to take away... Read more
  • Are you going to the Other Partizan

    Are you going to the Other Partizan? I sure am. The Partizan shows, as I’ve said before on several occasions, is one of my favourite... Read more
  • Mongol Part 2

    In my last blog, I discussed my plans for collecting a Mongol force for Lion Rampant. In total, I’d need 6 heavy cavalry (Mounted Men... Read more
  • Mongol

    There has been a surge of interest locally in starting up a Lion Rampant campaign. Naturally, I’m all for campaigns and have been doing my... Read more
  • The usual mistake...

    I usually dive in head first when it comes to a new project, looking at what ranges are available and what’s ‘cool’ in the army... Read more
  • A trip to Big Ben

    Last Wednesday (19th August), I took a trip up to see the guys at 4Ground. I like to ‘touch base’ with manufacturers when I can, ideally in... Read more
  • A civil war!

    Two weeks ago, I arranged a game with Malcolm, giving us a chance to dust off our Napoleonic armies and our curent favourite rules set Black... Read more
  • Napoleonics? Never!

    If you’d have asked me when I was a young lad about Napoleonics, I’d have said quite sincerely “You’ll never get me playing that!” Even... Read more
  • Fuentes de Onoro

    Last weekend, I was invited to take part in a Napoleonic Peninsular game by the Penarth and District Wargamer Society. The game and its scenario was... Read more

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