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  • I am the very model...

    Well, not very modern perhaps, nor a Major-General, but he’s certainly an officer and a gentleman. Christy’s video tutorial of this week deals with the... Read more
  • The Last Valley

    Like most wargamers, I’m a fan of war movies. I’m sure many have watched and rewatched movies like Zulu, A Bridge Too Far and Gladiator several times. Okay, I... Read more
  • To explore strange new worlds

    There’s no feeling like starting on a new project. The adrenaline rush of exploring a new topic, the possibilities opening up, the ooooh shiny! So... Read more
  • Whitsand Fort

    Over the weekend, Emma and I went to Whitsand Fort, where there was a heritage weekend run in conjunction with Hidden Heritage. The event wasn’t... Read more
  • 250/9 rides out, part 2

    I’ve finished my 250/9 that I started last week and the video’s now up and running. I thought I’d add some extra photos of the finished... Read more
  • Black Ops

    As some of you may know, I’ve been working for some time on a game concept for Osprey Wargames. I haven’t said much about it... Read more
  • Perils of a new project

    What have I gotten myself into now? I noticed that I’ve been asking myself that question for a couple of days now. A couple of... Read more
  • Gibralfaro Museum

    In my last blog, I talked about my visit to the fortress at Gibralfaro in Malagar. I mentioned a museum but didn’t speak of the... Read more
  • 250/9 rides out

    I’m sure you all follow Christy’s YouTube WSS channel. If you don’t, you should subscribe now! Her weekly painting videos are extremely varied in their... Read more
  • Gibralfaro

    In my last blog, I discussed my exploration of some of the old Andalucian fortresses in southern Spain. After our visit to Comares, we went... Read more

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