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  • Zombies?

    Last Friday, Paul Brook and his friend Kasper came down to the Brixham Berserkers to show us their latest game, Bullets and Brains, soon to be... Read more
  • New retailers for WSS in Germany

    For the last few years, Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy  has been for sale at some 70 large train stations and airports throughout Germany. From issue... Read more
  • I love Marie-Louise

    Yes its true. I love Marie-Louise of Austria* (see note at end for the asterisk), or rather the infantry named after her. The Marie-Louises were... Read more
  • A house of card and photos

    A week or so ago someone on the interwebs (sorry, can’t remember where!) posted about the card buildings made by Ebay user Wikkywok. He builds... Read more
  • Hussars have moustaches, don't they?

    Regular followers of this blog will recall I’ve recently started collecting a Prussian force for Ligny, as we had very many French players and too... Read more
  • Walking the battlefields of Leipzig

    There is nothing better for battle research, in my opinion, than walking on the very ground where it took place. The terrain can give insight... Read more
  • Prussian Jägers

    A blog or three ago, I spoke about converting my growing Prussian collection by combining the plastic sets from Perry Miniatures and HaT.  http://www.karwansaraypublishers.com/wssblog/breaking-up-the-line/ To... Read more
  • First look - Rubicon Panzer III

    This is a little experiment for the Blog. we wondered if our readers would like to see some of the kits or books we are... Read more
  • Back from the Dredd

    It has been a long time since my last blog, when I reviewed the Judge Dredd Miniature Game rulebook. In the long months that followed... Read more
  • Losing a friend

    I was very saddened to learn that last week Allen Curtis had died. I’d known Allen for over a decade. He’d been a regular contributor to... Read more

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