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  • The Prussian Army Assembles

    As regular readers will know, we’ve been slowly building the armies we need to play the battle of Ligny for the 200th anniversary. My Prussians... Read more
  • This week in wargaming at WSS

    Another week over, another week of wargaming! Guy: This week has been crazy busy for me. Deadlines are looming and WSS needs to be ready... Read more
  • This week in wargaming at WSS

    Life can get in the way, but if at all possible, the people who put together WS&S try to do something on their own hobby as... Read more
  • Fun with plastic

    Love it or hate it, there is something innately ‘fun’ about plastic as a medium. Well there is for me, if perhaps not for everyone... Read more
  • Panzer Upgrading Part II

    So, to the hull (modifying the turret for the plastic Warlord Panzer IV is here - note, this works for the Rubicon version just as well). This can... Read more
  • 30 minutes or less

    I was recently sent some of the Warbases MDF vehicles. MDF vehicles? Yes really! Each kit comes as a ‘flat pack’. Instructions are downloaded from... Read more
  • Arnhem part 3

    The final section of our whirlwind tour of Arnhem would take us to the Hartenstein Hotel (the Oosterbeek Airborne museum) and to the Arnhem Oosterbeek... Read more
  • Arnhem part 2

    The next part of our tour took us to some of the major sites around Oosterbeek. It was great being with Jasper and Rich Clarke... Read more
  • Arnhem Part 1

    Today (Saturday 7th February, 2015) I had the pleasure of being shown Arnhem and Oosterbeek in the company of Richard Clarke (of TooFat Lardies fame... Read more
  • Going to Crusade Part 1

    It’s almost the start of the show season here in the UK. The traditional opener for the year is the Crusade show in Penarth, usually... Read more

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