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  • Our Salute Board: Part 1 - Materials

    Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy is running a Caesarian Roman game at Salute 2014 in conjunction with Simon Miller (aka the BigRed Bat). The participation game... Read more
  • WSS Needs You!

    I’d like your help. We have a new concept for the end of the magazine but we need to make this good idea something more... Read more
  • The Paddington Bear stare (part 3)

    Sometimes, when you discover what army your opponent is taking, the “Paddington Bear” stare is appropriate. The rules don’t say I can’t! You can’t make... Read more
  • The Paddington Bear stare (part 2)

    In part one, I discussed the “Paddington Bear” stare, which is – in my humble opinion – entirely appropriate if an opponent’s army has been... Read more
  • The Paddington Bear stare (part 1)

    The “Frown”-rule, when confronted with a cheesy army: the right of a player to give his opponent a “Paddington Bear” stare and take the moral... Read more
  • Dutch wargaming

    One of the perks I have working for Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy is attending quarterly meetings at the head offices in Zutphen, Holland. It is... Read more
  • French horse artillery (part 2)

    As explained in my last blog entry, our local gaming group had a competition to paint an artillery gun. Now that I had my brave... Read more
  • French horse artillery (Part 1)

    As part of our Project Ligny for 2015, I’m painting a lot of French. A lot. I’m even beginning to dream in French uniforms, waking... Read more
  • A wargames butterfly

    Too many periods, too many scales, too many rules, too little time. – The Wargamer’s Lament I suffer from a disease that will be familiar... Read more
  • Painting the enemy

    Keeping interest in a long-term project can be challenging. Painting the same thing over and over again can get monotonous. To tackle this problem for... Read more

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