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  • Mortal Realms

    Yes I succumbed! If you are not familiar with Mortal Realms, Games Workshop have recently released another monthly magazine with free miniatures on the cover... Read more
  • 1917

    This last weekend, I went to the cinema with my partner Emma to see 1917, the latest movie by Sam Mendez. I was expecting something... Read more
  • Battlegames Award

    Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy has won an award! Henry Hyde's Battlegames on Patreon asked its listeners and patrons to select their favourite wargames products, games... Read more
  • Bolt Action blues

    Bolt Action is the default 'go to' World War 2 game at my two local clubs. I have tried to steer my local gamers towards... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 35: the Painting Challenge 2020

    While Guy's internet holds up, the team catches up on the news, hopes for Christmas presents, the Painting Challenge, what they've been up to and... Read more
  • Women in Wargaming on Women's Hour

    Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games was just interviewed on Women's Hour on Radio 4. She was there promoting women in wargaming. Annie's piece is... Read more
  • Dusting off the Sudan

    My recent conversion to using (ahem!) Citadel Contrast paints has meant I've managed to get a lot of painting done. As I'm sure I've stated... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 34: Crisis and Clogs

    In this episode, Guy goes over the latest arrivals at WSS HQ and reports on his pressing the flesh at the Crisis and Warfare shows... Read more
  • Making masts

    I've been musing for a while now about making my own masts for Black Seas. A friend of mine printed out some 1/700 scale ships... Read more
  • Remembering Stuart Asquith

    I was saddened to learn today, courtesy of Henry Hyde,  that Stuart Asquith had passed away last night. Stuart Asquith (Courtesy of Henry Hyde) Stuart... Read more

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