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  • The Origins of Rapid Fire

    This week at my local Wednesday night games club, my usual opponent Mal and I dusted off a copy of Rapid Fire and gave it a... Read more
  • Scrappers Review

    Scrappers Review by Rossco Watkins Scrappers is a game set in a post-apocalyptic future where resources are few and are contested fiercely by rival factions... Read more
  • Ham and Jam (Part 2)

    As part of our Normandy travels, Emma and I visited as many of the historical sites as we could pack into our two (and a bit... Read more
  • 57mm Antitank Gun and Jeep

    Empress Miniatures is releasing more models for their WW2 US Army range. These include a 57mm Antitank Gun, Batallion command and a Jeep. Their first German... Read more
  • DFS 230 Glider

    Following on from the Horsa Glider for the British, Sarissa Precision are releasing a DFS 230 Assault Glider for the German Fallshirmjager. For more information, click... Read more
  • Mark 3 Armadillo

    Warlord Games have announced their first Operation Sea Lion releases. The Mark 3 Armadillo was armed with an LMG and some versions with a 37mm gun. For... Read more
  • Ham and Jam (part 1)

    For the May bank holiday weekend, I took my girlfriend Emma to Normandy. Thankfully, she is quite the history buff and loves visiting historic sites... Read more
  • An apology - Inaccuracies in the Pickett's Charge review

    Games reviews in a wargaming magazine must be objective, accurate and based on at least several playthroughs of the game in question. To do anything... Read more
  • WS&S Podcast 7: Salute 2017

    Wargames worldwide, or at least within reach of London, both rejoice and fear (for their wallets mostly) when april comes around. For that is the... Read more
  • 'To Kill a King' review

    Warlord Games have released their latest supplement for Pike and Shotte. To Kill a King comprehensively covers the English Civil Wars of 1638 to 1659. The book starts... Read more

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