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  • Perry Zulu War British preview

    Following on from their British soldiers for the Afghan and Sudan campaigns (reviewed in WSS 85), the Perrys have released plastic British redcoats. The heliograph... Read more
  • WS&S Podcast 6: Bootleg Goldsworthy

    The latest Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast is here! In issue six we cover the latest news from Peter Pig with Men of Company B... Read more
  • A visit to MDF wonderland

    There is a fairly large warehouse near Sutton Veny. I visited this strange place last week which emanates the distinct smell of burnt wood and... Read more
  • Tins and cans beware!

    Forget your dollar-store or fancy automatic can opening device. Those are puny, and this is clearly a case of bigger = better. Or to paraphrase... Read more
  • A real American hero!

    No, it's not Captain America, and he's arguably not very real either, coming from an alternative history setting. Sorry... It's a very cool model though... Read more
  • Caesarian Polybians

    The closing few days of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge are almost upon us. I've been painting up Polybian Romans like crazy, in between balancing work, exercise... Read more
  • The doctor's in!

    There's a bug doing the rounds at WSS HQ in Zutphen. Christy recovered just in time to do a figure for the weekend, but she... Read more
  • Master of the World - Supplement Review

    Here's a review which should have been in our last issue. Master of the World is a campaign supplement for Et sans résultat! (ESR), the Napoleonic Rules... Read more
  • WSS Recurring subscriptions - FAQ

    Since March 1st, with the addition of the recurring (or automatic) subscription type, we offer three flavours of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy subscriptions. As this is... Read more
  • Mad for Maximilian

    For this week's video, Christy paints a 28mm miniature of the 19th century French adventurer Colonel Charles-Louis Du Pin (Mad Monarchist Blog, French Wiki). Miniature... Read more

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