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  • Getting inspiration

    Wargaming can be an all-encompassing hobby. As you play the games and paint the miniatures, there is a tendency to want to go deeper into... Read more
  • Finishing the job

    Recently I decided to take a page out of BigRedBat’s book, having read his article in a recent issue of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy. The... Read more

    The last blog I wrote was a quick recap of the state of affairs after a period of absence. Now it is time for some... Read more
  • Catching Up

    It has been a while since I last posted a blog on the progress of my Viking army. It was a busy period at the... Read more
  • Is too much choice a bad thing?

    I was having a conversation with an old friend while discussing a review he was finishing for me. In passing, he mentioned that things were... Read more
  • Painting Austrians

    In The conversion bug, I looked at converting the Victrix and Perry plastic Austrians and their compatibility, which was surprisingly high. Naturally, it would only be... Read more
  • The conversion bug

    Sure, ‘the Conversion Bug’ may sound like some sort of new nemesis for the Stargate SG1 team. It is not. Instead, this is the feeling... Read more
  • Painting a whoooooole box of French Line Infantry

    As part of celebrating our 4000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, Wargames Soldiers and Strategy asked our FB fans to come up with silly things for me... Read more
  • Warlord Games Day 2013

    I was invited to attend the Warlord games day held at the Lenton Business Centre in Nottingham. The day was HOT and proved to be... Read more
  • The Americans are coming! 31st June 1778

    While over in the Netherlands, Jasper and I took the opportunity to have a game of AWI Black Powder . In our scenario, the Tea... Read more

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