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  • Messing with Caesar

    For our Salute game, we needed to use a quick set of rules which would allow fast play. I didn’t want them to be dumbed... Read more
  • What, no undercoat?

    At our local games club, the Brixham Berserkers, there is a campaign planned for In Her Majesty’s Name. Players are truly spoilt for choice when... Read more
  • Plastic conversions

    Plastic. There’s something about it that appeals to me greatly. It brings out the converter in me. I guess it is the ease with which... Read more
  • The goldfish bowl

    I often find it curious that our wargaming tables are effectively fighting in a goldfish bowl. We place our armies on the tabletop like two... Read more
  • Our Salute Board: Part 4 - Finishing

    Once all the boards had been sculpted and shaped, there was one task left – to paint and cover the boards. In this gargantuan task... Read more
  • Our Salute Board: Part 3 - Shaping

    This is my third blog entry on the preparation of boards for our ‘C-Day’ game at Salute 2014. In my last entry I covered the... Read more
  • Help for Heroes / WWPD4Vets

    This April 12th our friends at WWPD organize the second edition of WWPD4Vets - a charity gaming event to gather money for veterans with money... Read more
  • Our Salute Board: Part 2 - Planning

    This is the second part of my journal on the preparation of our boards for Salute 2014.We are running a Caesarian Roman game at Salute... Read more
  • Salute Rules

    Our Caesarian Roman game at Salute 2014 is going to be impressive. Simon Miller is bringing hundreds, if not thousands of troops to cover the... Read more
  • Our Salute Board: Part 1 - Materials

    Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy is running a Caesarian Roman game at Salute 2014 in conjunction with Simon Miller (aka the BigRed Bat). The participation game... Read more

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